Yang Yang anti-theft door for the lock core Yang Yang anti-theft door picture Appreciation

Anti-theft door can add a layer of security to the family, step Yang security door to perform this duty very well, step Yang anti-theft door security is very strong, not only its security door has such a good function, Yang anti-theft The door lock is also a very good product and plays a significant role in security. The most important part of the security door is the cylinder. A perfect cylinder can be said that even an unlocking master cannot open it in a short time. But sometimes the lock cylinder is broken or if it is lost, the lock cylinder needs to be replaced. So what is the method of replacing the lock cylinder with the security door ? Next, let us enjoy the Yangyang anti-theft door picture, and learn about the steps and precautions for replacing the anti-theft door .

Security door purchase

For consumers, when choosing a security door, it is necessary not only to see the quality and color of the security door. The most important thing is to see whether the security door lock core is good or not. The lock core is the essence and essence of the security door. The lock core is the heart of the security door, so the key to the security door is the lock core. As long as the security door lock core is good and the quality is good, it can be called a real security door.

Yangyang security door for lock core price

Since it is for safety, it is not free to buy a low-cost lock cylinder, but to choose a lock cylinder that is suitable for its own security door and moderate price, so that it will be safe and affordable. Buying the lock core itself is very cheap, and it costs more than 20 yuan, and let the installation master bring the price more expensive. Bu Yang security door for the lock core general price of tens or a hundred dollars, a little good two or three hundred or so, and if it is some secret anti-theft lock, it will be another matter.


Steps to change the lock core

It is not professional to change the lock core yourself, but it is still possible to do it yourself. The steps for replacing the lock core with the anti-theft door of the Yangyang are: First, the two screws on the upper and lower handle panels should be unscrewed, and the screws on both sides of the lock cylinder sleeve should be turned off and unloaded. Remove the lock cylinder anti-theft sleeve, you can remove the old lock core; install the anti-theft lock cylinder and then install the handle; installation close inside and outside the handle, the outer handle is best to hold down; adjust the inner and outer handles, screw holes to align the nut, After the screws are tightened again, the lock cylinder is replaced.


Step Yang security door lock cylinder

Step-by-step anti-theft door lock core to change the quality of its first, we must choose the new lock core, generally select the B-level lock core. Buy Yangyang anti-theft door lock core to buy should look at a few major points: the surface of the lock cylinder is smooth, texture and light sense; look at the number of marbles cards, single row is A-level lock, is to face the lock out, to buy double-row marbles; The key shape, it is best to sell high and low row teeth, double row teeth, snake-shaped anti-reduction, and more secure.

It is actually very simple to replace the security door with a lock cylinder, but you still have to look at what kind of door you have. The general door is easily replaceable by removing the screws. However, some anti-theft door anti-theft doors are relatively advanced. Then it is best to find a trusted professional lock change company to replace it for you.

Want to change the lock core, but do not want workers to change, I feel more comfortable to change the lock core. First of all, you should buy a new lock cylinder against the old lock cylinder. The quality and performance must be better, and then replace it yourself. Remove the screws on the side of the security door and remove the old lock cylinder. If the lock cylinder has a protective cover, remove it and then replace the new lock cylinder.

Editor's summary: The above is a step-by-step anti-theft door lock core, the relevant introduction of the Yangyang anti-theft door picture appreciation, in today's society, theft incidents are always happening, in order to home security, we must do a good job in theft, choose high-quality step Yang Security door, security door is an important part of the lock core, if necessary, it is best to change a high-quality lock, affordable and safe Oh.

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