Winter fruit tree fertilization management

Winter fertilization fruit trees and winter fertilizers are mainly organic fertilizers such as cattle fat, pig fat, oil dry, and grass ash. Fertilization method: mainly based on annular ditch fertilization and strip ditch fertilization, ditching under the canopy drip line, the depth is to see the tree roots (generally 25-35 cm). The amount of fertilization: 1-2 kg of organic fertilizer per plant, plus 0.3-0.5 kg of chemical fertilizer (carbon ammonia); the result is 3-5 kg a€?a€?of organic fertilizer per plant, plus 0.5-1 kg of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.
In addition, for saplings, fruit trees rich in sap, such as persimmons and walnuts, attention should also be paid to anti-freezing management through measures such as soil cultivation through tree trays, whitening of trunks, and saplings.

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