What should I pay attention to when installing the shower head?

The installation of the shower head is also important, taking into account the height, position and other details of the shower head. Showers that are too high or too low will be very uncomfortable. Here are some tips on how to install showers to make your bathroom space more comfortable.

Many factors can affect the position of the faucet. Pipes, lines, insulation, and everything behind a variety of walls can affect their location. When installing the nozzle, do not point the head toward the entrance or door, taking into account how far the water splashes from the body. The nozzle should depend on the user's body and whether you want to massage your shoulders or other parts. You can consider putting a sprinkler on both sides for a full body relaxation.

First, the height of the nozzle mixing valve from the ground

When installing the nozzle, the first thing to determine is the height of the nozzle mixing valve from the ground. Generally, before installing the shower head, we have determined where the shower head is installed. Then, the distance between the nozzle mixing valve and the ground is generally controlled within a height range of about 90 to 100 cm. In this interval, you can also fine-tune according to your height. However, it is generally not to be 110cm higher. If it is too high, the shower head lifter may not be installed.

Second, the nozzle faucet reserved height

The reserved silk head of the generally installed nozzle faucet is buried in the wall tile. It is best to cover it with a decorative cover. Otherwise it will not look very beautiful. Therefore, it is best to reserve the position when laying the pipeline first, and generally consider it 15mm higher than the blank wall, so that the silk head can be buried when the tile is finished to ensure the appearance of the wall.

Third, the spacing of the inner wire elbow of the nozzle

The spacing required for the wire elbows in the shower head is generally around 10~15cm. Generally, when the shower head is bought, the seller will give two adapters, so that the water inlet of the mixing valve can be well connected to the hot and cold water outlet of the wall. However, as far as possible, do not use adapters to transfer, so it is more beautiful.

At present, there are many types of shower heads on the market, such as wall mounted and ceiling type. Therefore, before buying, be sure to understand whether the water pipes laid in your home match. Do not blindly choose the nozzle, causing unnecessary losses.

The shower head is clogged with small tips: when the shower head is used for a long time, the water will not flow smoothly, usually because of the accumulation of scale. The nozzle can be removed and soaked in vinegar for about two hours. After removing it, brush off the softened scale with a toothbrush.

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