What is the price of log bookshelf?

Most modern people like to have a study room at home. There is a study room with perfect design and decoration to greatly enhance the decorative effect and increase the owner's inner temperament. The bookshelf is directly linked to the study, and the bookshelf is a must-have item in the study furniture. We can see the bookshelf in study, life or work. Let's take a look at the price of the log bookshelf .


Log Bookshelf Price - Chinese Style

Nowadays, the style of log books on the market is very different, including American, European, Chinese, Korean, French, Mediterranean and other styles. The design of this log bookcase is simple and stylish, the texture is clear and beautiful, and the heavy color is used to make it visual. The effect has a strong Chinese atmosphere, the size of the log book shelf is: total size: length 2570 * width 600 * height 2160mm (left double door inner frame: length 838 * width 320 * height 2160mm; middle double door inner frame: length 764 * wide 313* height 2160mm; medium single door inner frame: length 398* width 313* height 2160mm; corner bookcase: length 570* width 600* height 2160mm), price: 5640 yuan.

Log Bookshelf Price - European Style

The difference in the style of the log bookshelf makes the size different. As for the choice of bookshelves, the size of the bookshelf, etc., it varies from person to person. According to personality preferences, study area, etc., the log bookshelf does not have a uniform standard. It not only includes the width, height and exterior dimensions of the bookshelf, but also the internal dimensions of the bookshelf, that is, the depth of the bookshelf, the height of the partitions, etc. The design of this log bookcase is simple and stylish, and the ivory white color is used in the European style. Elegant and noble, the size of this logbook is: 1800* wide 380* high 2100mm, the price is: 2590 yuan.

Log Bookshelf Price - Chinese Style

The advancement of technology has made the design of the wooden bookshelf more novel and fashionable. It has a negligible effect on the decoration effect of the entire study space. What is the price of the log bookshelf? The design of this log bookcase is simple and stylish, smooth. The lines are designed with modern glass materials to blend the modern fashion sense with the traditional culture. The reasonable layout design makes the storage and truth of the bookshelf simple and easy, which is very important for the visual effect improvement of the entire study space. The role of this logbook is: 2000* wide 300* high 2200mm, the price is: 3480 yuan.

Log Bookshelf Price - American Garden

In the height dimension of the wood bookshelf, it can be based on the top of the bookshelf to reach the top of the book. The book is too high, and it is very inconvenient to take books. The log bookshelf is uniquely decorated because of its unique decoration. Sexual and natural atmosphere is used in a lot of modern home life. The design of this log bookcase is novel and fashionable. It is made of solid wood material, which makes the American pastoral style unrestrained and comfortable, showing the uniqueness of the owner. Aesthetic taste, this log bookcase size: length 1150 * width 550 * height 1500mm, the price is: 3800 yuan.

The above is about the price of the log bookshelf. The bookshelf can also put some small pieces or small ornaments at the same time as the books. I hope that these can help you a lot, and more professional decoration materials, please pay attention to the decoration information.

Refinement of Copper removing agent and Decoppering Agent through Lead Fire Process

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Bismuth is the impurity which is the most difficult to remove during fire refining of crude lead. lead fire process refined debismuthizing agent is prepared and produced by Luanchuan Hengkai Metallurgical Materials Sales Co., Ltd after research and development for many years. The lead fire smelting novel copper removing agent is prepared and produced by our company. After the copper removing agent produced by our company is used, the copper content in the lead after copper removal is within 0.0002. More importantly, after the copper removing agent produced by our company is used, no pollution is produced (no smoke), the emission of sulfur dioxide is reduced, there is no low-altitude pollution, the operation is simple for workers, the operating environment is improved, and free technical guidance is given for the first-time use.

"Hengkai Metallurgical" brand patent products (patent number: 201808178848) is environmental protection copper removing agent 1#. Environmental protection formula copper removing agent 2# belongs to upgrade products of the copper removing agent 1#. After the copper removing agent produced by our company is used, the copper content in the lead is less than 0.00015 after copper removal. The product is characterized by small usage, no pungent smell, no low-altitude pollution, easier operation and low slag rate. Product advantages: the content of existing copper removing agent in the market is 6%-10%, which is lower than ours. Currently, the company is the only one in China that has passed EIA acceptance. The company adopts the most advanced independently-developed automatic production line to produce copper removing agent. The annual output is 15,000 tons, and the moisture content is less than 0.01%.

Luanchuan Hengkai Metallurgical Materials Sales Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional R & D and production manufacturer engaged in lead smelting copper removing agent and lead-refined debismuthizing agent. The company cooperates with a number of scientific research institutions, and it has abundant strength in independent research and development, design automation assembly line operation, production and examination, which has formed the production capacity of 30,000 tons in copper removing agent, debismuthizing agent, iron sulphide, Ferro sulphur, alloy sand, ferrous sulphide, Pyrite and other series products. It is one of the domestic production enterprises with the largest scale. The company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification in April 2018. The patented products (patent No.: 201808178848) "Hengkai Metallurgical" brand copper removing agent and ferro sulphur gain consistent praise from clients after innovation, research and development and improvement by the clients for many years due to high product quality and cheap price. It supplies goods to most domestic lead smelting enterprises throughout the year with stable business relationship. Its market share is 70%. Its products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions. Its share in the southeast Asia market is 80%. The company belongs to a reliable partner and service provider.

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Decoppering Agent

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