What is an antistatic work table?

What is an antistatic work table?



l , the table top is made of die-casting fireproof board, with anti-static, fireproof and wear resistance

?€€?€€ 2 , the resistance of the countertop material is between 1 sand and 1 ohm

?€€?€€ 3 , workbench height, level and center of gravity can be adjusted

4 , the bracket is made of steel plate with anti-static paint, which is sturdy and durable.


Edit this paragraph Work table specifications

Work table specifications: 750*1400*7200mm

?€€?€€ Countertop: 50mm thick anti-stamping panel, green soft embossed special synthetic rubber surface, four sides and sealed with PVC long rubber strip

?€€?€€ Table corner: 50*100 thickness 2.0 cold-rolled steel plate bending, average load above 500KG

?€€?€€ Beam: It adopts square tube and swing-opening linkage device with 50*100 thickness 2.0 . Once locked, the drawers are all locked.

?€€?€€ ?· The drawer has a safety device system that does not slide out and fall without human intervention. .

?€€?€€ Slots are arranged every 19mm around the drawer , and can be elastically spaced with the slot plate and the diaphragm.

?€€?€€ Drawer special slide rail design, with bearing sliding, single rail drawer opening 90% , each drawer load 100KG , re-rail drawer 100% full, each drawer load 200KG .

?€€?€€ Full width aluminum handle design with label paper and PVC transparencies. ??

?€€?€€ ?· The combination of drawers, handles and panels can be separated to fine tune the drawer panel spacing.

?€€?€€ All parts are electrostatically sprayed after pickling and phosphating.

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'What is an anti-static work table?

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