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    2. What are the types of network flooring?

      The network floor is generally not used for indoor home space, and is used more often in office spaces. The laying of the network floor is generally laid out according to a certain grid, so the layout is somewhat complicated, but the form and material of this laying correspond to the simplification of the office environment, and thus the entire space will also appear simple and efficient.

      The network floor is a special type of floor that is applied to modern office space. Its layout is very complicated, but each layout has certain rules. It is a very reasonable office floor designed according to the specific site. In the form of grids, they are interlaced and intersected with each other. The shape is a network, so it is called network floor.

      The main purpose of the network floor is to use in some office buildings, computer room, financial institutions, government agencies and other high-tech high-end building sites, which are places that require a lot of power resources, their wires and other special cables Many are intertwined, and the emergence of the network floor can solve this problem, so that the cables and other things in the room can be used in the network floor dedicated line, so that it can not only protect the cable, but also Does not occupy people's space.

      Network floor features

      The network floor has very good performance, it has very good anti-static effect, and the fire-retardant ability is very good, and because it has such characteristics, it can be applied to such a lot of wire places, these places are easy Wherever there is an explosive atmosphere and where it is easy to resonate with static electricity, it is of course necessary to carefully select the floor for such a place. Its design is to be specially designed for its site.

      1, the emergence of the network floor is mainly to adapt to the modern office lifestyle, is the era, so for the network floor is a floor made specifically for a few cables, and its floor types are to solve different floor needs . Therefore, the general types of network floors are two kinds, one is a plastic network floor, one is an all-steel OA network floor, and the all-steel network floor is divided into two types with a trunking and a trunking.

      2. The material of the plastic network floor is made of plastic. The antistatic effect of this type of floor is very good. It is mainly used in high-end office buildings, large shopping malls, and renovation sites of some old buildings.

      3, all steel OA network floor fire performance is very good, but also has a very high carrying capacity, so this floor is mainly used in some 5A high-grade office buildings, these places have a high standard for fire protection.

      Network floor prices

      The price of the network floor has different prices according to the specifications of the network floor. Its specifications mainly include 5cm, 10cm, 15cm and other heights of the network floor. The network floor has different prices depending on its height, generally speaking, according to the In terms of the professionalism of network flooring, the price of network floors is more expensive than the average floor.

      Summary: The network floor knowledge Xiaobian introduced so many, everybody sees this type of floor in the office place will not be like the blank white, in fact, these office places use the floor and the material perhaps may use at some time Come to the home space.

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