What are the taboos in the feng shui of the living room?

For home feng shui, the feng shui of the living room pays attention to the fortune of the whole family. The living room Feng Shui has always been concerned by everyone. The living room feng shui is one of the indoor feng shui studies. The hanging books and furnishings in the living room are also a symbol of taste and personality. The orientation of the living room in the Feng Shui of the living room is especially important. It is called the a€?financial positiona€? in the traditional a€?feng shuia€?, which is related to the rise and fall of the familya€?s wealth, career, and fame. Therefore, the living room layout and furnishings are taboos for the living room feng shui that cannot be ignored. Here is the Feng Shui study that walks you into the living room with a small piece of go.


The location of Feng Shui in the living room:

In the living room feng shui taboo, the living room is best located in the front half of the home near the gate to directly absorb the gas entering from the gate. If you have to go through a corridor to get to the living room, then the corridor must be kept clean and the lighting must be sufficient to prevent the gas from entering the living room. If it is a mezzanine house design, the living room should be on the lower floor.

Feng Shui decoration in the living room:

In the living room feng shui taboo, try not to use sharp objects when decorating the living room, for example: animal specimens, knives, grabs, etc., try to use decorative art as much as possible, sharp objects with yin, which will lead to family disharmony, quarreling constantly Wait. Therefore, Xiao Bian suggested that everyone should choose table lamps, decorative small pendants, etc. when decorating the living room. It is not appropriate to pursue personality regardless of family safety.

The direction of Feng Shui in the living room:

The living room feng shui taboos are arranged in different colors because of the different orientations of the living room. The layout of the living room in the north direction is related to the owner's career. It belongs to the water line. The color of the use is blue and black. The arrangement of this direction uses water-related items to benefit the owner's career fortune. Zhengnan's layout is related to the owner's fame and fortune. It belongs to the fire line. It should be arranged with red items. Red carpets, solid wood furniture, and phoenix drawings can be arranged in the south direction. The layout of Zhengdong is related to the health of the owner. It belongs to the wooden line. Green should be used. Plants in this direction can promote the health and longevity of the family. Some landscape paintings can also be arranged. The arrangement of Zhengxi is related to the nobles of the owner. It should be arranged with white objects, and some metal ornaments are more conducive to the family's fortune.

Today is just a brief introduction to the feng shui in the living room and the feng shui taboo in the living room. There are still a lot of feng shui on the living room layout. If you want to know more information, please pay attention to the good home network. Continue to report on you.

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