Wedding bedding set of four bedding to add color to the wedding

Marriage is a big event in life. Please don't be sloppy in every detail. Buying bedding before marriage is an indispensable part, and in some feng shui customs, most beddings will be made after the new house is laid out. Show in bed. Wedding bedding should be carefully prepared. General wedding bedding mainly includes four sets of wedding bedding , pillows and bedding accessories. So how to buy four sets of wedding bedding ?

What are the wedding bedding?

What are the bedding for marriage? It must be said that many people do not know much about it. Generally speaking, it is necessary to purchase according to local customs. At present, there are many sets of bedding in shopping malls that can be purchased. They can be divided into four, six, eight, or ten sets.

The four-piece suit is a quilt cover, a bed sheet and two pillow cases, and the four-piece suit is not suitable as a wedding bedding because there are many items to buy, and of course some consumers do not like traditional wedding bedding products. If you only use it on the wedding day, the four-piece set is still relatively affordable.

The six-piece set includes a quilt cover, a bed sheet, two pillow cases and two pillows. This contains less items. There are some items to be purchased separately. It is more time consuming but more affordable.

The eight-piece set is one of the common choices for wedding bedding products and generally includes 2 pillow cases, 2 pillowcases, 1 quilt, 1 coverlet (sheets), a round pillow and a quilt cover, and 8 sets of articles containing the whole, Peace of mind and effort.

Ten sets of pillows generally include 2 summer pillows, 2 winter pillows, 2 pillows, 1 child pillows, 1 bed sheet, 1 quilt cover, and 1 bed cover. The specifications are formal and generous. It is a wedding bed The usual selection kit for the product.

Parents help buy wedding bedding :

Many young people's marriage is helped by their parents. Therefore, parents will be responsible for the purchase of bedding products. It is mainly economical to use parent's eyes to buy bedding, and the traditional red color will be chosen in color. There are thousands of wedding beddings in some brand textile shops that are not popular among ordinary family parents. They want to buy affordable, colorful designs.

Young people buy their own wedding bedding:

Of course, many young people have a lot of thoughts about their own wedding. In the arrangement of wedding rooms and the purchase of bedding, they also want to decide completely. Young people are full of curiosity about new things, so in addition to the traditional big red, we will consider red, pink, purple and so on in the purchase of wedding bedding. This mainly depends on the personal preferences of the newlyweds. From the bedding they have chosen, they can also see their embarrassment for the future.

Bedding selection guide

Marriage bedding selection points First, the choice of fabric

Generally speaking, the best choice from the pattern of active printing, cotton satin, embroidery, these three, relatively speaking, these three more in line with the atmosphere of marriage, is relatively more traditional; wedding bedding from the fabric point of view the best choice of silk and pure Cotton, this fabric is relatively good, relatively comfortable; choose from the color of the best choice for warm colors. Of course, these also depend on their own preferences.

Wedding bedding selection points Second, the choice of style

When buying, we must combine the style of the wedding bed. If it is a Simmons bed, it is necessary to use large-sized Western-style sheets. The pattern is preferably a non-directional scattered flower or a tetragonal continuous flower pattern. If there are bedside beds on both sides, and one side is empty and one is placed against the wall, check the sheets.

Marriage bedding selection point three, color choice

From the point of view of the overall aesthetics of the room, the choice of wedding bedding must be considered from the overall layout and color of the room, as far as possible consistent with the colors and styles of furniture, books, curtains, tablecloths, etc., reflecting the beauty in harmony. From the texture point of view, the best selection of cotton products with good moisture absorption, followed by the cotton cloth, are relatively soft and comfortable. Marriage bed linen should not be used too thick, because the thickness of both coarse and uncomfortable, very difficult to wash. Too loose should not be used, with dust through the hole in the fabric deposited on the mattress.

Wedding bedding selection points four, material selection

Most of the quilt cover used for marriage is silk, and there are many varieties, including jacquard, printing, and embroidery. In the jacquard quilt, the usual cable quilt cover, satin quilt cover, Sai Jin quilt cover, antique satin quilt cover, etc., are colorful, soft and moist, and have good warmth, moisture absorption and breathability. The printed quilt feels thick and smooth, the fabric is delicate, the brightness is good, the pattern is clear, the lines are clear, and it is full of three-dimensional. Embroidery quilt and quilt cover is mostly embroidered with handwork and embroidered buckles on plain satin. It is delicate, elegant, colorful and full of rich ethnic characteristics. It is better to use moisture-absorbing cotton fabrics in and out of the room. It can be changed frequently and it is good for health.

Editor's summary: Four sets of wedding bedding are introduced here, and I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

Four-piece bedding

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