Waterproof wall covering city, tiles encounter "nemesis"

Waterproof wall coverings appear quietly in the building materials stores. According to sales personnel, waterproof wall coverings can replace ceramic tiles and become the second choice for bathroom decoration.

It is understood that the waterproof wall covering uses special waterproof and air-permeable molecules such as macromolecule microcellular foam, which makes it impossible for water molecules to infiltrate, ensuring the respiratory function and elasticity of the wall. This method of intervention by the latest technology has added new members to the bathroom renovation market. According to Liu **, the salesman who operates the third wall in France's Sangla, the waterproof wall covering can completely replace the tiles in function and complete the bathroom wall decoration work. In addition, there are many styles of wall coverings in terms of colors, which can satisfy people's needs for personalized homes.

So, how does this type of waterproof wall cloth respond to the market? According to the author's understanding, there are many consumers who are interested in this product at present, but most of them are limited to the visit stage. Not many are actually purchased and used for decoration. . Many consumers stated that they are still hard to accept the notion that wall coverings are used for bathroom renovation. They also saw the experiments that the sales staff had made on site. "But you may not guarantee that this new product can indeed be used for a long time, as the salesman says." said Mr. Li, the owner of a building material purchase.

The emergence of waterproof wall coverings fills the diversified gaps in the bathroom wall decoration. However, the quality of its efficacy, but also need to go through the market for a long time to test.

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