Waste glass bottles have low profit and turn into garbage

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Recently, Ms. Lin, a member of the public, encountered a a€?troublesome thinga€?. The piles of glass containers at home were nowhere to be found, and the recyclers were found to refuse to recycle the glass products. There are quite a few people who have encountered similar troubles. At present, even if the used glass bottles are sent in white, the waste recycling personnel should not, and only throw away the garbage.

a lot of glass bottles turn garbage

a€?Since last year, I used to drink this glass bottle of milk tea.a€? Miss Lin said, so the family accumulated a bunch of bottles. After she cleaned the bottle, some put it in the house to raise flowers, and some put it in the kitchen to order spices or ingredients. But gradually, Miss Lin found that the glass bottles in the house were "over-the-counter". Too many bottles are placed at home to occupy the place, Miss Lin wants to dispose of them. However, she asked several waste recycling personnel around the community, and the other said that they would not accept glass bottles.

"The amount of glass bottles used is so large, can you just throw it away as garbage?" The same question is also the public Ms. Chen. a€?There are a total of 5 people in our family. The amount of seasonings such as soy sauce, fish sauce and old wine is very large. There are one or two empty glass bottles every month.a€? Ms. Chen also did not find a place to recycle glass bottles. In the early years, these bottles could be collected and sold, and now they can only be mixed in the garbage and lost."

a€?Glass bottles can be insulated and more convenient for take-out.a€? The staff of Hongfang-style tea-point chain brand Guangfangyuan told reporters that since the establishment of Guangfangyuan in 2014, several signature teas have been used in glass bottles and gradually brought up in Fuzhou. There was a wave of fashion. a€?Guangfangyuana€?s glass bottles are all wholesaled from me, and there are 20,000 pieces per month.a€? In the farmer wholesale market in Taijiang District, Fuzhou, the owner of a beverage material wholesale store told us that more and more The tea shop chooses to drink in glass bottles. "The glass bottle looks a little higher, and a cup can be sold for more than 10 yuan," the boss said.

The profit is too low, no one wants to recycle

a€?I dona€?t know how to recycle glass bottles in my peers. The price is low, but ita€?s heavy and takes up the place.a€? Mr. Yang, who recycled waste near Liuyi North Road, told reporters that few manufacturers now have to scrap old glass bottles. .

a€?I mainly recycle glass waste in the surrounding areas of Fuzhou and Fuqing. It is the best in the surrounding area. At most, there are 80 tons per day.a€? Mr. Wang, who is engaged in the recycling of glass products, told us that the recycling of large quantities of glass bottles is needed. Sorted by color, the price varies slightly depending on the color of the glass. The average price of a box is 1.2 yuan, 250 yuan a ton. He recycles about 50 tons of glass every day. The recovered glass waste is usually granulated or transported to a processing plant in Guangdong for further processing.

"In the past few years, the basics of glass recycling and processing have changed, and there is no money to earn." Mr. Lin, the owner of a steel waste processing factory, told reporters that he had a partner in glass waste processing in the early years, but because of the collection of glass bottles and then shredded processing. The cost is too high, basically no profit, many manufacturers prefer to use raw materials directly. Nowadays, it is difficult to find manufacturers engaged in glass recycling and processing.

Insiders: Reducing the recycling of glass waste

Mr. Fang, who is engaged in the resource recycling industry, told us that discarding used glass bottles at random will mainly lead to waste of land resources, causing environmental odor, and some liquids in glass bottles will pollute the soil. "The original collection of a glass bottle sold 2 cents, and now less than this price." Because the price of recycled glass bottles is too low, the collection method is too fragmented, it is difficult to meet the requirements of centralized processing of manufacturers, currently there is no special waste in Fuzhou Manufacturers or organizations that recycle glass bottles. "There is no mandatory requirement in the country, and now manufacturers have their own production lines, the cost is low, and now basically no one is willing to recycle glass bottles, resulting in great waste of resources." Mr. Fang said.

The survey data published on the Internet shows that the annual discarded glass products in China's cities exceeds 7 million tons, accounting for 35% of the total urban waste, while the waste glass recovery rate is only 13%, far below the world average of 50%. Mr. Fang believes that the current recycling mechanism for waste glass still needs to be improved. At the same time, government departments should encourage some professional companies or manufacturers that support glass recycling with some policy concessions, such as setting up an incentive system to reduce the amount of waste such as glass bottles. Resourceization.

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