Walter new groove extrusion tap Protodyn S plus

Walter Prototyp's new Protodyn S plus extrusion tap is a cost-effective all-rounder.
Universal high-performance high-speed steel (HSS-E) extrusion taps are suitable for the machining of all extrudable workpiece materials. The tool products can be used for through-hole and blind-hole machining. Available sizes from M1 to M24.Protodyn S plus with TiN The coating provides excellent wear resistance. The optimized multi-angled edge improves tool life. The new chamfered groove makes the tool run smoother and at the same time enhances wear resistance. The tough tool geometry also results in higher machining accuracy and a more reliable machining process, as well as machining small workpieces.
The chip-free production of thread processing ensures high process reliability, even for deep hole machining, without the problem of iron filing and chip removal. The highly static and dynamic pull-up avoids a series of side effects in high-quality machining, and the tool cost is greatly reduced due to the long tool life and wide processing range.
For the performance of the new Protodyn S plus, there is an example to demonstrate: high-speed threading on a column milling machine, the workpiece material is St37 steel, blind hole depth of 20mm (2 ?— d); emulsion cooling. At a speed of Vc=18m/min, Protodyn S plus has a tool life of 183 holes, while the previously used tool life is only 80 holes and tool life is increased by 125%. ??

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