Vehicle anti-theft technology summary

1, the engine to prevent the starter "anti-theft" of the highest realm is that even if the thieves enter the car, damage the line, it can not be successfully launched the car away. Currently equipped with Cadillac STS, Ford Mondeo, Opel and other models.

2. The password type anti-theft device needs to input the password before each launch. After the confirmation, the anti-theft device can be released. The owner can change the password at any time. Citroen SUVs and other leisure and long-distance tourers are equipped.

3. The infrared detector uses an infrared detector to detect any disturbances in the vehicle. As soon as there is movement, the anti-theft system will start immediately. Porsche 911 and other equipment.

4. The air flow detection device detects slight changes in the "air density in the car" through the ultrasonic sensor, thereby activating the anti-theft device. Volvo and Dongfeng Peugeot 307 are equipped with such devices.

5, automatically change the password system Currently, only Mercedes-Benz and BMW are equipped with such devices. The device consists of an ignition switch, an electronic preventer and an engine supervision system. The system first recognizes the password in the key and grants the a€?right to launcha€?. At the same time, the identifier will send out a new set of passwords again. As the password for the next ignition.

6, European version of the anti-theft system digital authentication anti-theft system is a globally recognized effective start suppression system, it is difficult to crack, this type of system manufacturers very strict control, repair time-consuming and costly.

In addition, according to the condition of the vehicle, the owner can set up one or two small faults or organs that are difficult for the outsider to release. The owner can use his brain to lock the door, start the start line, and the oil circuit. The utility model can break the low voltage line in the ignition system. (The low-voltage line is concealed from the high-voltage line); or to improve exterior car accessories, such as fuel tanks, batteries, lamps, etc., should be improved in the connection fastening screws can be used instead of standard nuts, such as the pentagonal nut must use a special wrench Can be unscrewed. So if the car thief used 2-3 minutes to solve the first anti-theft lock, and the low-voltage line does not work or other measures will work, so that the thief has no time to study, had to stop looking for another goal.

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