Use caution when climbing seat belts

First, use the climbing seat belt matters needing attention

1, belt buckle

Current manufacturers use a double-buckle design. When wearing a seat belt, the belt is first passed through a belt buckle, just like a belt in general, and then the belt must be turned back into the belt buckle, which is called anti-buckle. The buckle can ensure that the belt does not slip out of the belt buckle under the impact of falling. If the adjustable leg loop belt is used, the leg loop belt is also connected by the same buckle way to ensure safety!

2, use methods

Each type of belt and rope binding method is not necessarily the same, users must be sure to know the correct use of the body belt method and procedures in order to ensure their own safety.

3, how to protect the seat belt

Avoid direct sunlight, heat sources and chemicals as much as possible; use cold water and mild soap to clean the seat belt; check for suture detachment, nicks, and other damage before use.

Seat belts have a life span of approximately 2 years when used every weekend. If falling or friction with the rock wall occurs frequently, the service life will be shorter. If you find safety with wear or damage, for the safety of life! Change a new sling!

Second, other forms of safety belt

1, chest type seat belt

The chest harness provides extra support for the upper body, keeping the body in its original position. Normal climbing activities do not require the use of a chest harness, but when you need to carry a backpack to climb, or climb uphill, snow and ice to climb more dangerous terrain, there are chest-type seat belts and seat belts , can improve the safety of activities. The chest harness must be used in conjunction with the seat belt to achieve the support effect. Absolutely not to use the chest harness alone!

2, full body harness

Of the current seat belts, only this one is UIAA approved. It combines chest and seat belts as a complete safety system. In addition to avoiding falls on the head and feet, it evenly distributes the impact across the entire torso, reducing damage to the lower back, and to children and hips. Adults with too narrow bones are more suitable

When we are engaged in a variety of climbing activities, climbing the seat belts is a means of connection between the climber and the climber's rope. For the climbers, the seat belts are very important! In addition to meeting the climbera€?s body condition and making the climber feel comfortable and safe, he should choose the right seat belt according to the climbera€?s use.

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