US Denison DENISON PV / PVT series piston pump

Denison DENISON PV / PVT series piston pump has the following characteristics: PV / PVT series hydraulic pump is suitable for open circuit axial piston variable displacement hydraulic pump, the focus of its design is the economy of work. PVT series is a derivative of the PV pump with rear drive and side port configuration. The PV / PVT series piston pump variants are pressure compensation (constant pressure), pressure compensation with remote port, load sensing and torque limiting (equivalent to constant power). Continuous working pressure can reach 280bar. Denison piston pump commonly used models: PV6-2R1D-C02-000, PV10-2R1D-C02-000 PV15-2R1D-C02-000 PV15-2R1D-C02-000 PV20-2R1D-C02-000 PV29-2R1D- C02-000 PV38-2R1D-C02-000 PV47-2R1D-C02-000 PV64-2R1D-C02-000 PV64-2R1D-C02-000 PV38-2R1D-C02-000 PV47-2R1D-C02-000 PV20-2R1D-C02 PV20-2L1D-C02 PV20-2R5D-C02 PV20-2R5D-C02 PV20-2L5D-C02 PV20-1R1D-F02 PV20-2R1D-F02 PV20-1L1D-F02 PV20-2L1D-F02 PV20-1R1D-C02, PV6-1R1D- C02 PV10-1R1D-C02-000 PV20-1R1D-C02-000 PV20-1L1D-C02 PV20-1R5D-C02 PV29-1R1D-C02-000 PV20-1L5D-C02, PV20-1R5D-F02, PV20-1L5D-F02 , PV20-2L5D-F02, PV20-1R1D-L02, PV20-2R1D-L02, PV20-1L1D-L02, PV20-2L1D-L02, PV20-1R5D- L02, PV20-2R5D- L02, PV20-1L5D- L02, PV20 -2L5D-L02, PV20-1R1D-J02, PV20-2R1D-J02, PV20-1L1D-J02 PV20-2L1D-J02, PV20-1R5D-J02, PV20-2R5D-J02, PV20-1L5D-J02, PV20-2L5D- J02, PV20-1R1D-K02, PV20-2R1D-K02 PV20-1L1D-K02, PV20-2L1D-K02, PV20-1R5D-K02 PV20-2R5D- K02, PV20-1L5D- K02, PV20-2L5D- K02, PV20- 1R1D-C00, PV20-2R1D-C00 PV20-1L1D-C00, PV 20-2L1D-C00, PV20-1R5D-C00, PV20-2R5D-C00, PV20-1L5D-C00, PV20-2L5D-C00, PV20-1R1D- F00, PV20-2R1D- F00, \ PV20-1L1D- F00, PV20-1 -2L1D-F00 PV20-1R5D-F00, PV20-2R5D-F00, PV20-1L5D-F00, PV20-2L5D-F00, PV20-1R1D-L00 PV20-2R1D- L00, PV20-1L1D- L00, PV20-2L1D- L00 , PV20-1R5D-L00, PV20-2R5D-L00, PV20-1L5D-L00, PV20-2L5D- L00, PV20-1R1D- J00, PV20-2R1D- J00, PV20-1L1D- J00 PV20-2L1D- J00, PV20- 1R5D-J00, PV20-2R5D-J00, PV20-1L5D-J00, PV20-2L5D-J00, PV20-1R1D- K00, PV20-2R1D- K00, PV20-1L1D- K00, PV20-2L1D- K00, PV20-1R5D- K00 PV20-2R5D-K00, PV20-1L5D-K00, PV20-2L5D-K00, PV6-2R1D-C02-000 PV6-1R1D-C02 PV10-1R1D-C02-000 PV10-2R1D-C02-000 PV15-2R1D-C02 -000 PV15-2R1D-C02-000 PV20-2R1D-C02-000 PV20-1R1D-C02-000 PV29-2R1D-C02-000 PV29-1R1D-C02-000 PVT6-2R1D-C02-000 PVT10-2R1D-C02-000 PVT- 000 PVT15-2R1D-C02-000 PVT20-2R1D-C02-000 PVT29-2R1D-C02-000 PVT38-2R1D-C02-000 PVT47-2R1D-C02-000 PVT-64-2R1D-C02-000 PVT6-2R1D-C02 -000 PVT10-2R1D-C02-000 PVT15-2R1D-C02-000 PVT20-2R1D-C02-000 PVT29-2R1D-C02-00 PVT38-2R1D-C0 2-000 PVT47-2R1D-C02-000 PVT-64-2R1D-C02-000

Precision Steel Tube are produced by Cold Drawn and Cold Rolling, with very good OD and ID tolerance and smoothness ,

with very good Concentricity, Good Roundess, Less Deviation, suitable for machinery.

Cold Drawn Seamless tubing (also known as CDS steel tube. Cold Drawn Seamless tubes offer tight tolerances compared to Hot Finished Seamless tube, and offers stronger physical properties compared to other mechanical tubing.

CDW Steel Tubes  is made by drawing the ERW tubes from the tube mills through a plug and die combination, mounted on the draw bench. The end tagged and annealed tubes are drawn through a closely machined die that controls the outside diameter of the tubes. At the same time the tube passes over a plug that controls the inside diameter. Further, the manufactured tubes are processed by the downstream facilities for different industry applications.

Technical Standard according to:

ASTM A513, ASTM A519,

DIN2391, EN10305-1, EN10305-4,

SAE J 524, SAE J525 etc.

Steel Grade:

SAE 1010, SAE 1020, SAE 1026, SAE 4130, SAE 4140.

ST35.8, ST37.0, ST52, E235, E355, 42CrMo4,etc


OD: 4.0 to 350mm

WT: 0.5 to 50mm

Length: Cutting Length available, max 12000mm according to Customer PO.

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Precision Steel Tube

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