Ups and downs in the coatings industry

Ups and downs in the coatings industry

The paint industry has come along all the way. There have been ups and downs, ups and downs, and of course gains. Overall better than last year. The ups and downs of the paint market outlook are still not optimistic. The policy downturn and a€?money shortagea€? have caused SMEs' capital turnover to be difficult. The downturn in real estate, raw materials continues to rise, management costs have risen, the profitability of paint companies has shrunk further, and industry consolidation and reshuffling have intensified. In some profitable coatings companies, new technologies and new products have been launched, and companies have increased their R&D efforts, investing in new production bases throughout the country, expanding production capacity, finding new marketing methods, and entering e-commerce.

Per capita consumption is low. The market prospect of the coating industry is huge. The consumption level of per capita furniture in China is still relatively low. According to statistics, Americans spend 236 U.S. dollars per year for furniture, 371 U.S. dollars per capita for furniture, and Japan spends 255 U.S. dollars per year on furniture, while China is only about 12 U.S. dollars. It is only 5% of developed countries in Europe and America. In particular, the share of furniture in the second and third tier markets and the vast rural market is even lower. Chinese people really buy furniture and sit on the sofa less than 4 billion, only more than 3 billion, it shows that there are still 2/3 of people have not used our modern furniture, which brings about further development of the furniture industry. The huge opportunity also makes the paint industry a great prospect.

Waterborne wood coatings have developed into industry trends. Many waterborne wood coatings are used in furniture, especially in the production of sheet metal furniture, formaldehyde is also used in the production process, as well as non-environmentally friendly coating paints, with consumers' awareness of health and green consumption. The trend of upgrading furniture products lies in the development of formaldehyde-free and pollution-free environmental protection furniture, which will become a mainstream trend in the industry. With the progress of the times, after the long-term education and guidance of consumers, consumers' environmental protection and home improvement, and the growing awareness of healthy homes, the potential market demand for waterborne wood coatings will grow rapidly. Waterborne wood wares are used as oily woodware. The upgrading of paint products has achieved environmental protection in technology. The huge gap between market supply and demand has begun to attract some powerful manufacturers to get involved.

Judging from the development trend of the paint market, waterborne wood coatings will surely become an important trend in furniture coating and home improvement. The paint industry has entered the era of meager profits, and domestic paint companies have become very polarized. Throughout the entire Chinese paint industry, the current industry concentration is not very high, a large part of the market is dominated by foreign brands, local brands can not compete with foreign brands for various reasons, can only retreat to the second and third line market. In addition, excellent local brands are often unable to escape the fate of foreign acquisitions. As the big brands give distributors too thin profits, the phenomenon of dealers participating in the system of counterfeiting has become a hidden rule in the industry, which has greatly damaged the interests of paint manufacturers and end consumers.

E-commerce model has become the paint industry development trend With the rapid development of Internet e-commerce, e-commerce has become an increasingly hot topic in the coatings sector, paint companies have become more and more companies to enter B2C e-commerce, e-commerce has become a Trends. As for how to do a good job of the company's own Internet marketing in the high-speed development environment of e-commerce and mobile Internet, it depends on the respective capabilities of the paint brands. Bill Gates once predicted: "The 21st century is either e-commerce, or no business." According to statistics, China's total paint output exceeded the 10 million tons mark last year, becoming the world's largest coating production and consumption power. In the downturn of real estate, China's paint industry can maintain rapid development, showing that China's paint industry is maturing. In today's mature and saturated traditional paint market, discovering another sales channel is bound to become a top priority for the paint industry. E-commerce clearly provides a great option. However, it is worth noting that until many contradictions and problems are properly solved, it can be said that the paint industry has opened the door to a huge potential e-commerce market.

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