Ts16949 Certificated Motors Neodymium Block NdFeB Electro Permanent Magnet

Composite: Ferrite Magnet
HS Code: 850511900
Trademark: SEMG
Transport Package: Key Specifications/Special Features: Material: Fer
Specification: RoHS, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004
Origin: Cn
Product Name Premanent Ferrite Magnet
?· Magnetic Materials
?· Rare earth & products
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Production Capacity of neodymium magnets for sale 200Ton/Month
Size We mainly make custom shape and size magnets,
Many Existing Moulds , also provide Custom-made Service
Material Rare earth magnet, permanent magnet,ferrite magnet
Grade Y25,Y30,Y35
Price (Factory Lowest price) we are factory control every process, ensure lowest price and good quality and best service for you, we best service 24 hour online.??
????Features The most powerful permanent magnet, offers a great return for cost & performance, have the highest field/surface strength(Br), high coercivity(Hc), can be easily formed into various shapes and sizes. Be reactive with moisture and oxygen,usualy supplied by plating (Nickel, Zinc, Passivatation, Epoxy coating, etc.).
?? ?? Applications Sensors,motors,filter automobiles,magnetics holders,loudspeakers,wind generators, medical equipments, etc.
Ts16949 Certificated Motors Neodymium Block NdFeB Electro Permanent Magnet


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