Trap selection

The trap must use the best quality product, and it is necessary to use limited funds on the blade. The use of high-quality steam traps saves more than a few tens of times more money than the purchase of the trap. The selection of good quality traps can bring huge economic benefits to the company. The use of a wide range of steam traps should not be ignored. Leaders at all levels should pay high attention. The selection of steam traps requires accurate steam and water resistance, high sensitivity, improved steam utilization, no leakage of steam, reliable performance, high back pressure, long service life, and easy maintenance.

1. In the production process, the heat exchange equipment, drying room, rapid heat exchanger, distillation equipment, etc. need to be heated up quickly, and the production heating equipment that does not allow condensed water should be used. Mechanical type traps should be used.

Mechanical traps are not affected by changes in operating temperature and pressure, with water being discharged, low degree of subcooling, and no water in the heating equipment, enabling the heating equipment to reach its optimum operating temperature. Among them, the free-float steam trap has the most advanced structure and is very sensitive. The minimum degree of subcooling is 0?°C, and it can drain saturated water at the saturation temperature without any steam leakage. The advantages are the most, and the heating equipment can achieve the best working efficiency. It is the ideal trap for the production process heating equipment.

2. In steam pipelines, heat tracing lines, small heating equipment, heating equipment, and steam equipment with low temperature requirements, thermal static type traps should be used.

Thermostatic steam traps have a large degree of undercooling and low temperature of condensing water. They can make full use of the sensible heat of high-temperature condensate and have a good energy-saving effect. The membrane cassette type steam trap is the most advanced in structure and requires no manual adjustment. It is extremely sensitive. The maximum degree of supercooling is 15 ?°C and 30 ?°C. Two bellows boxes are available for selection. They are not afraid of freezing, and they can be installed in any position. In the pipeline can repair and replace the valve core, saving money and labor, long life, a wide range of applications, is a hot static trap type boutique.

3. Special steam traps for superheated steam should be used on high temperature and high pressure superheated steam lines and equipment.

Superheated steam traps can separate the high-temperature condensate produced when the superheated steam disappears under the harsh working conditions of high temperature, high pressure, and low load. The disc-type steam-heating-type steam trap uses pipe steam to insulate the main steam chamber of the steam trap. The structure is advanced. In the absence of condensate, the steam trap is closed tightly. The work quality is high and the service life is long. Steam special trap.

1 Mg-hercynite bricks
Main characteristics::Non-chrome environment-friendly products, thermal shock stability, anti-penetration, anti-corrosion, high tensile strength and good flexibility.
Usage: it is mainly used in large and medium-sized cement rotary kiln burning zone.
2 Mg-Al spinel bricks
Main features: high strength, corrosion resistance, good thermal shock stability, no chrome pollution
Usage: mainly used in large and medium-sized cement kiln firing zone and  transition zone.
3 Magnesium aluminum zirconium brick
Main characteristics: add the Z1O2 component in the Magnesia Brick foundation, further improve the products of the thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance, and easy to kiln feed attachment.
Usage: large dry process cement rotary kiln

Magnesia Brick Series

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