To create a cozy room still needs a good companion

Looking back to the 70s of the last century, what people had hoped for was an independent bathroom that belonged to them. By the 1980s, with the deepening of reform and opening up, people's demand for this had also increased.

At this time, basically every house has a separate bathroom, although only about 1 square meters of white tiles. Today, the quality of peoplea€?s lives has improved. From the original one bathroom, only about 1 square meter has been developed. Now that every bathroom has 2-7 square meters of 2 or 3 bathrooms, the area is constantly growing, and the bathroom decoration is also increasing. More and more attention.

Entering the new century, the kitchen and bathroom decoration has become the key to reflecting the quality of a family's life. It is also the place where the housing technology is very concentrated and where the family has the most serious pollution. Therefore, we must pay close attention to the design.

First of all, to measure how large the bathroom area, and then determine the bathroom can put a few pieces of sanitary ware. According to the size and color of the sanitary ware, whether the combination of the floor tiles and the wall tiles is harmonious and beautiful is selected. After these materials are selected, don't neglect the bathroom circuit installations, plumbing installations, and sewer handling. If the bathroom is an electric water heater, it must pull a group of wires separately, and the lighting and sockets use another group of wires. At the same time, several outlets should be installed in different positions in the bathroom for convenience. Bathrooms with poor ventilation should also be equipped with ventilation fans to prevent accidents.

Bad treatment of the bathroom is a very annoying thing

The bathroom is based on the owner's preferences and affordability to choose different materials, colors, decorative materials, but, do not forget the bathroom is a serious pollution, if the bathroom is in a strong position of ventilation and sunshine, you can choose black and white Tiles to decorate, black and white can also reflect the owner's personality and elegant taste. On the other hand, if the bathroom is closed, it cannot be ventilated and there is no sunshine, so do not choose black and white or dark tiles and sanitary ware, because this not only does not reflect its elegance, but it feels depressing and makes the place more narrow. The dark bathroom should be bright and clean, simple and refreshing tiles and sanitary ware, so that it looks bright and fresh, but also gives people a relaxed feeling, but also easy to do a good job cleaning the bathroom.

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