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Thrust (positioning) bearing device

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-08-15

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Thrust (positioning) bearing device summary: bearing four-point angular ball bearing double row single row angular angle ball bearing two-way thrust tapered cylindrical roller bearing è?? to develop brake roller bearing four-point angular ball bearing touch ball bearing used as a bearing forbidden radial acceptance The bearing bearing hole is opposite to the bearing part diameter. It is necessary to have a bearing outer diameter of 0. 5 mm. The roller diameter is smaller than the bearing inner diameter. 0.5 mm liquid dynamic pressure bearing common shaft housing with shaft thrust bearing has four-point ball bearing, double row (single row Corner joint ball bearings; two-way thrust cone and cylindrical roller bearings; è????¥ has also developed brake roller bearing radial bearings.
Four-point angle ball bearings and double (single) row-angle touch ball bearings are used as thrust bearings; the bearings are forbidden in the radial direction; therefore, the inner holes of the bearing housing correspond to the parts of these bearings; the diameter is necessary to be outside the bearing. The diameter is about 0.5 mm or the diameter of the roller is less than about 0.5 mm of the inner diameter of the bearing.
For four-point ball bearings; do not exchange the same type of ring when the device is installed to prevent changes in the axial clearance at the factory.
Two-way thrust tapered roller or two-way thrust cylindrical roller bearing spacer circle; the same type of bearing must not be exchanged; to prevent changes in the axial clearance when leaving the factory.
It is necessary to press the end device of the inner ring of the thrust bearing; and the axial direction should be locked to prevent its relative transformation on the roll neck; the wear and burn of the roll neck cooperation surface are formed.
The axial force bearing of the brake roller is axially positioned through two bearing housings; and the axial clearance is adjusted. When the bearing housing is installed; the inner and outer rings of the bearing should be tightly attached to the inner and outer rings of the main bearing. When the frame is axially fixed to the two bearing housings; care should be taken to eliminate the axial movement of the bearing housing to the axial end in the process of introducing the two bearing housings into the frame.

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