Through pump controlled release film production process

March 1, 2003, organized by Beijing Tsinghua Institute of Industrial Development Incubator, Peking Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. completed in the benefit of "osmotic pump controlled release tablets," the results of the project appraisal will be held at Tsinghua University. The meeting heard Peking Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in the "osmotic pump controlled release tablets production technology research report", reviewed the Beijing Pharmaceutical Inspection Drug Inspection Report, the report of the user usage, science and technology check the new report, D osmotic pump controlled release tablets research report, osmotic pump controlled release tablets production process application report and the State Drug Administration issued a new drug certificate and production documents and other project documents. After careful discussion and comments, the participating experts gave a high evaluation of the scientific and technological achievements of the project. Beijing Zhong Hui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. completed the "osmotic pump controlled release tablets production" project on different physical and chemical properties of drugs, different types of osmotic pump formulations conducted a more in-depth study, the establishment of the osmotic pump formulation technology platform, the formation of a variety of Drug penetration osmotic pump formulation development and production capacity. In particular, high suspension, swelling agent, solubilizer, efficient disintegrant and dispersant and other accessories formula, select the appropriate preparation process, to achieve a high-suspended single-agent osmotic pump highly suspended single-agent preparation process. Difficult to dissolve drug high single layer single suspension technology, manufacturing process is simplified, product quality is easy to control, significantly reduce manufacturing costs, the product has a strong competitive advantage in the market, the prescription and preparation process at home and abroad have not been reported. The high-suspension single-chamber single-layer osmotic pump technology was used to achieve the first preparation of the controlled release formulation of Chinese medicine-Cyclovirobuxine D osmotic pump controlled release tablets, which can be administered at a constant speed within 24 hours. The single oral dose of the animal After in vivo drug concentration - time curve showed significant controlled release characteristics. The project developed a new high-speed laser drilling machine, single hole drilling speed and penetration rate reached a high level, can also be used for double-sided drilling, double-penetration pump intelligent recognition drilling, penetration Batch preparation of pump controlled release tablets provides the basis for the equipment. September 2002, Beijing Zhong Hui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. developed salbutamol osmotic pump formulations obtained by the State Drug Administration (SDA) issued a "salbutamol sulfate controlled release tablets" new drug certificate and production approval. Currently, Beijing Zhonghui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is building a controlled release preparation production base in Yongfeng High-tech Industrial Zone of Zhongguancun Science Park and plans to complete the delivery in June 2003. The project put into operation, will fill the domestic infiltration pump controlled release technology industry, create a direct social and economic benefits. Expert opinion shows that the "osmotic pump controlled release tablets production technology" project technical difficulty, high starting point, research and design are more systematic and comprehensive. Research and development of highly-suspended single-chamber single-wall osmotic pump technology of insoluble drugs has reached international advanced level. Osmotic pump production of key equipment High-speed laser drilling machine reached the leading domestic level. Expert advice for government and social funds to support the development and improvement of osmotic pump preparation technology platform, combined with the characteristics of Chinese medicine, in-depth study of traditional Chinese medicine slow controlled release formulation technology research, new pharmaceutical industry in Beijing, the development of new materials to make new Contributions.

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