The working principle and structure composition of the three roller gate

What is a three-roll gate? The three-roll gate machine is a kind of channel management equipment, and its most essential function is to pass one person at a time through blocking and releasing. Its application objects are pedestrians (including carrying baggage and bicycles, etc.) and applications are entrances and exits. Such as stations, terminals, subways, factories, buildings, smart communities, hotels, clubs, enterprises and institutions, etc., need intelligent management of channels.
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Three roller gate working principle

According to the different ways of the movement of the movement, it is divided into mechanical, semi-automatic, fully automatic. Some manufacturers will refer to semi-automatic as electric and automatic as automatic.

The mechanical type is controlled by the human control of the operation of the blocking body (connected to the movement), and the mechanical limit controls the movement of the movement;

The semi-automatic type uses the electromagnet to control the movement of the movement and stop;

Fully automatic is to control the movement and stop of the movement through the motor.

By controlling the movement of the movement and stopping, the opening and closing of the blocking body are further controlled.

Depending on the number of movements and stoppers contained in the same gate, the gates can be divided into single movements (including one movement and one blocker) and two movements (including two movements and two blocking bodies). , left and right symmetrical form).

Structure of three roller gates

The basic components of the three roller gate include the box, the blocker, the movement, the control module and the auxiliary module.


It protects internal components such as movements and control modules and plays a supporting role.

The main body material is usually 304 or 316 stainless steel. The auxiliary materials include plexiglass, tempered glass, resin, stone or wood. Materials generally need to consider strong, beautiful, not easily deformed, scratch-resistant scratches, rust-proof corrosion, easier processing and fixation.

2. Movement

It consists of a variety of mechanical components (including drive motors, speed reducers, etc.) and uses mechanical principles to control the opening and closing actions of the blockers.

The key factors affecting the performance and service life of the movement include the processing technology and material of the mechanical parts, as well as the most important drive motors and associated gearheads.

The drive motor usually uses a DC brushed motor or a DC brushless motor. The brushless DC motor costs less and the control technology is relatively simple. Therefore, it is widely used by the domestic manufacturers of three roller gates, but the carbon brushes therein are easily lost parts and need regular maintenance and replacement. Brushless DC motors have no carbon brushes and do not have this loss, and their service life is longer. If you want to improve the performance and service life of the movement, it is a good choice to use a brushless DC motor with better performance and longer service life. Especially for the first-line brushless DC motors in Europe, the reliability and durability are both high. The ordinary motor can not be achieved, but the cost is very high, and the control technology is also very complicated.

3, blocking body

Blocking is not allowed when pedestrians are not allowed to pass. Pedestrians are allowed to open and release when they pass. It is usually implemented in the form of a door or a bar.

Material selection generally needs to be considered sturdy and able to withstand a certain impact force, but its own impact force can not hurt people, the weight is as small as possible, beautiful, rust-proof and corrosion-proof, easy to process and fix, and will not hurt after damage.

Rights input module: Before the pedestrian passes, it is necessary to let the gate a€?knowa€? whether it has the legal permission to pass, that is, a€?inputa€? authority allows the gate to judge whether it can be released. There are many kinds of input methods, such as non-contact IC card swiping, biometrics, password input, coinage, etc. Simple direct button access is available. This module is generally combined with an access control system or a ticketing system. This module is not required for free passage.

4, auxiliary module

Including LED indication module, counting module, pedestrian detection module, report * module, permission input module, voice prompt module.

LED indication module: generally composed of LED dot matrix or LED display screen, used to indicate the status and direction of the gate, and some also contain prompts and information such as words or patterns.

Counting module: used to record the number of people passing through the LED digital display or display screen. It can clear and set the counting limit.

Voice prompt module: The voice prompt here is different from the voice alarm in the preceding report module. It is mainly used to assist pedestrians with relevant information, such as the type of prompt ticket and welcome information. This module is not commonly used and requires the user to customize it to the manufacturer.

Report * Module: The gate will trigger a report under various abnormal conditions of use to alert or warn pedestrians, managers, and maintainers. These conditions include illegal traffic, abnormal gates, self-tests, etc. Ways include beeping (more common), light, voice, etc. (can be used in combination).

5, control module

Using microprocessor technology to achieve a variety of electrical components and drive motor control.

Microcontrollers generally use single-chip microcomputers, but if the control system is more complex or needs to be integrated with many other systems (including ticketing systems, access control systems, etc.) and the response time is very demanding, higher performance is required. ARM processor or even Cortex processor.

The simple control circuit is generally realized by the main control board, the motor control board and the auxiliary control board, and the complex control circuit (such as the ticket gate for the subway) needs to be configured with a special industrial control computer.

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