The water temperature suddenly rises and the baby is scalded. What should you watch out for when using a water heater?

Electric water heaters are electric appliances for every household. Everyday bathing is convenient with hot water, but a woman bathes her daughter in a sudden shower of water and causes serious burns. This is how it happened. Next, I will take a look at the use of water heaters. The incident was recalled at 8 o'clock on the 6th of July. A mother from Guangdong, Ah Yan, bathed her child. She felt the water temperature suddenly became hot through the handle of the shower. However, she did not respond and Xiao Yan was yelled. Within a few seconds, Xiaoyan was flushed and cried. Immediately afterwards, the skin of the body began to fall off. Ah Yan was overwhelmed and immediately sent the young man to the hospital. He entered the intensive care unit and was in critical condition. Seeing this, Xiao Bian really breathed a sigh of relief. It's so sad! After the incident was exposed, commentators on the Internet mostly pointed at the child's mother. There were also comments that the quality of water heaters and showers was not relevant. In any case, things had already happened and they accused them of not helping, and Xiao Bian still tried to do my best. Can, to give everyone access to water heaters some use of knowledge, I hope this type of cup does not happen again. Electric Water Heater Usage Precautions 1. When opening the mixing valve, the shower nozzle should not be directly facing the human body until the water temperature is adjusted to the proper level. To avoid the water temperature is too high or too low to cause discomfort to the user. When bathing, it is necessary to ensure that the spouted water does not spill onto the water heater, so as to prevent the internal circuit of the water heater from getting wet and causing a short circuit, which may cause danger. After the bathing is over, the shower head should be separated from the human body first, then the mixing valve should be closed, the water heater power should be turned off, and the water in the nozzle should be dried. Hang the sprinkler on the nozzle holder. Second, when using, do not frequently switch the water source so as to avoid insufficient water in the storage tank to burn out the electric heating element. Especially when using hot water to adjust the temperature control gear, pay attention to the amount of stored water or the flow of influent water. The water storage is insufficient or the flow rate of water is too small. For too long, it is easy to overheat and burn out the heating element. The novel electric water heaters are equipped with an automatic power-off device. When the water is shut off or the water source is turned off, the power can be automatically cut off to ensure safety. 3. Do not use the water in the water tank liner for a long period of time to prevent deterioration and odor and liner fouling. Drainage method: first close the tap water inlet valve, then turn the water heater mixing valve to the hot water, and then pull the safety valve handle up to the horizontal position, at this time, the water in the water heater liner flows out through the pressure relief vent of the safety valve. The drain pipe flows down the drain. Fourth, power must be used to ensure that the water tank liner filled with water before it will cause the heater to burn, damage the heating tube, causing the thermostat to trip. Water injection method: Pull the mixing valve to hot water, and then open the tap water inlet valve. When the nozzle continues to discharge water, it indicates that the water in the water heater liner has been filled, and then it can be heated. The above is what we need to pay attention to when using electric water heaters. A good electric water heater can only achieve the best results by using the correct method of use, and only the correct use can ensure the safety of our use and electric water heaters. The service life, so we must pay attention to the use of electric water heaters.

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