The popular elements of furniture analyze the future environmental protection into the mainstream of the market segment

In the traditional home furnishing industry, the earliest was the suite. Later, the software was separated from the suite furniture. In the software, the sofa and bedding were separated. In the bedding, it was divided into plates, solid wood, metal, fabric, leather and so on. In the constantly segmented market prospects, the popular elements of the furniture industry in 2014 will dominate the market segment. 1. Furniture design advocates green and green design requires the selection of green raw materials. Green furniture design has a wide range of future directions. Try to consider materials with high wood utilization, pre-formed materials, specialized production parts and wood composite materials. 2. The most fashionable natural wood furniture, the natural color of the wood and the natural and environmental characteristics, is the reason why the solid wood furniture is prosperous. The refined and simple style and the natural rough style are the main styles of solid wood furniture sales. At the same time, solid wood children's furniture is also a sales highlight of solid wood furniture. Children's furniture such as pine and poplar, which are relatively environmentally friendly and affordable, has been loved by many parents, such as the Songbao Kingdom and Ximengbao. 3. Soft furniture occupies half of the country's soft furniture mainly includes fabric furniture and leather furniture. First of all, in terms of comfort, because the texture is soft and fits the body curve, it is better than solid wood and plate. In addition, it meets the needs of modern young people's individualization and differentiation, combined with its environmental protection and durability. The share in the market is growing, and it has gradually become a consumer trend. The trend of the 2014 furniture industry is 4. The creative and changeable furniture leads the fashion pioneer sofa without the armrests, the chair becomes the sunflower, the coffee table grows the wheel, and today the furniture design has broken the inherent mode of the law-abiding, more in the basics. On the basis of function, we seek a balance between function and aesthetics, and we have a bold combination of innovations from appearance, material, scale to function. Furniture that can be freely changed in shape and function appears in a large amount, and emphasizes the taste of life. Its practicality and artistry are far from the shackles of style. 5. European and American furniture popular in Europe and the United States covers inclusive and artistic, concentrated on all kinds of furniture elements, and absorbed the excellent culture of each country. Most home consumers with economic strength prefer European and American furniture. European and American furniture has been innovated after entering China, retaining its luxurious, elegant, heavy and comfortable personality, and showing the other side of feminine, harmonious and dignified. a€?Materials are environmentally friendly, neutral in color, and fashionable in stylea€?, which has pushed European and American furniture to the peak of fashion. 6. Refreshing rattan furniture Durable fashion rattan furniture is one of the earliest furniture varieties in the world. It is not only comfortable and breathable, but also has a fresh and natural appearance. It can create a refreshing and cool home. The new rattan furniture not only inherits the traditional rattan weaving process, but also incorporates the modern superb design art. The rattan furniture is more and more unique and its durability.

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