The new house decoration closed this 6 o'clock on OK!

Every owner of a renovated house is complaining, not looking for a decoration company. What's even more annoying is the problems encountered during the renovation. They need to buy materials, talk about contracts, but also sneak in and out of work, and they can't afford to care. Heart tired! Moreover, the months of renovations are even more worrying than in the past few years. In fact, as long as the decoration is well managed, it is unnecessary to be so tired!

First, look at the details of the decoration contract!

Don't give up the decoration company's choice of low-cost guerrillas for the sake of cost, because it will reduce the quality of your decoration. When you regret it, it will cause more waste. More contact with several companies, to listen to the experience of friends and family, choose the strength of the decoration company is suitable for the price is good. After communicating with the designer details, it is possible to sign the contract with the approved renovation plan and quote. Remember that the contract must include the brand, specification, and model of the decoration material. The date of completion and the warranty must also be clearly written so as to avoid shoddy and future maintenance problems.

Second, we must choose a good water pipe wire!

The quality of water pipe wires is absolutely the quality of the future home life. In order to make the room look beautiful, the water pipes and wires are generally constructed with a buried wall. However, once the water leaks or breaks down the wall, the quality of the hydropower line is particularly important. In case poor water pipes are selected, the maintenance costs will be high until you cry!

The choice of electric wire should firstly pay attention to whether it meets the product quality certification of the National Electrotechnical Commission, as well as the wire-use electricity quota requirements, product certification, and product quality-specific tables. The higher the copper purity of the wire is, the better, the better the quality of the pvc material of the copper-clad core is, the lower the leakage probability is. The last depends on the length standard and weight of each coil wire and the operating temperature is -30?°C to +70?°C.

Third, the quality and style of the tiles must be taken into consideration!

There are many types of tiles on the market, and the brands are different. When the owners select them, they often dazzled. The first thing to choose is the brand, the brand is different, and the similar quality price difference is also obvious. You can choose a brand according to your own budget, which is not necessarily expensive, but it can't be cheap. You must choose a regular brand to ensure the quality of the tiles. Speaking of quality also needs attention, depends on the inspection report, certification certificate provided by the business, preferably within six months.

There is style. Please contact the designer in advance when purchasing tiles.

The types, styles, and overall style of the tiles should be coordinated. Larger tiles cannot use tiles of a small size. Dark tiles cannot be used on a low floor. Tiles in the kitchen and bathroom space must match the color of the kitchenware.

Spring decoration knowledge

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