The new German water hammer pump does not require electricity or fuel

A "non-electricity, fuel-efficient mountain irrigation equipment" - water hammer pump, settled in the city of Chun'an County and the two villages on the river recently, the city of Chun'an water hammer pump water conservation projects Officially launched. Water hammer pump is a kind of water hammer effect directly to low water head can be converted to high head energy efficient water lifting device, the entire process of water as a driving force, without electricity, oil and other energy sources, day and night can continue to automatically raise water. The popularization and application of the project in Chun'an County will play a significant role in solving the problems of field irrigation in mountainous areas, wet irrigation of economic forests such as tea gardens and orchards, improving drought resistance in mountainous areas, improving the natural ecology and increasing the output of crops. It is reported that this new water hammer from Germany, Germany is an overseas institute and Development Association to help farmers in less developed areas one of poverty alleviation project.

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