The kitchen suddenly burst into flowers turned out to be caused by the leak of gas tank pressure relief valve

Is burning water, the kitchen suddenly exploded The original gas tank pressure relief valve caused by Zhang Zhang leaked into the newspaper hotline reflects the next building 11, a household kitchen sudden explosion, the balcony of the aluminum-plastic windows and doors was Fry fly, broken window frames and glass hit the first floor of the electric car line 3 electric cars. Fortunately, no casualties were caused. When reporters rushed to the 6th floor of the explosion in the home of households, the kitchen messy, there are a large number of glass fragments and some kitchen supplies, the worst damage is the kitchen balcony, three aluminum-plastic doors and windows were blown fly. The owner, Madam Jiao, lingering with fear, recalled that the deflagration occurred at 1:40 p.m. when the gas stove was burning water and she was preparing to the kitchen to see if the water was boiled. The accident happened. "The kitchen was connected to the living room, and the kitchen door was not closed at that time, and when I was halfway through the living room, I suddenly saw a loud noise in the kitchen, and I saw something in the kitchen flew to the living room. At the time of the incident, Ms. Nie, Ms. Jiao's wife, was surfing the Internet in his bedroom. Immediately after he heard the explosion, he rushed to the kitchen. Although there is no open fire in the kitchen, there is a strong smell of coal. When he was about to shut down the gas tank under the cabinet, he found the gas canister blow-off valve on the front of the gas canister open. Mr. Nie said that at home liquefied gas tank, gas tank pressure reducing valve and skin are 2 months ago, he spent more than 100 yuan in the next deposit a liquefied gas station to buy, when buying these items, the business did not give him open invoice. Mr. Nie told reporters that he estimated that the deflagration was caused by a small leak in the gas tank pressure relief valve. 16:40, the reporter contacted the host again Mr. Nie. Mr. Nie said he took the gas tank pressure relief valve to find the gas station, the staff began to recognize the gas tank pressure relief valve is purchased here, after inspection found that gas tank valve seal damage. However, when Mr. Nie told him about the deflagration of the kitchen, the gas station suddenly denied having sold the gas tank pressure relief valve to him. Mr. Nieh said he had recorded the entire dialogue. He will find the relevant departments to identify the accident, if the reason really as he expected, he will be through the legal channels to gas station rights. Lawyer: If gas tank valve product defects caused by the loss, the gas station should be responsible Subsequently, the reporter consulted on the issue of Sequoia Tree Law Firm Wang Weidong lawyer. Lawyer Wang said that according to the relevant provisions of the civil lawsuit, the recording can be used as evidence, and Mr. Nie does not have the invoice to record the evidence by sound recording is a reasonable method of safeguarding rights. Gas station staff did not know in the event of an accident, admitted that Mr. Nie bought gas tank valve here, and the gas station also does sell this gas tank valve, then if the gas station there is no reasonable reason , Just blindly denied, not enough for the letter. Wang lawyer believes: According to this, you can confirm the gas station did sell gas cylinder pressure reducing valve to Mr. Nie. Because of product defects, resulting in Mr. Nie loss, then the gas station should bear the corresponding liability.

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