The floor industry is gradually drifting away

Like many industries, due to the low barriers to entry, the counterfeiting phenomenon in the flooring industry is very serious. Many people in the industry are grieved, the intellectual property awareness in the flooring industry is too weak, and the market is too chaotic. However, it can be seen from the exhibitions of the past years that this phenomenon is undergoing no small changes, and all major brands are maintaining their rights and interests through different means.

Loss of Technical Barriers Brings Industry Injuries Due to the lack of technical barriers, innovation is difficult, and counterfeiting is fast, the damage to the flooring industry is enormous. Counterfeiting has become a pain that the flooring industry can't erase. In the recent exhibition, the strict implementation of refusal to take pictures has become a major highlight of China's building materials industry. Throughout the show, almost all manufacturers are not allowed to take pictures, and many manufacturers have marked on the prominent position to decline to take pictures. One of the exhibitors said: a€?In fact, this is a compelling case. When you participated in the conference, some people wanted to shoot, but they quickly found out that their products were re-emerged in the market and they were very fast. In some cases, as long as ten days, imitation products can appear."

Unprecedented new appearances Almost all of the flooring manufacturers participating in the exhibition will say to the intended customers: a€?If you are interested, you can go to the factory and visit the factory. There are more new products in the factory.a€? Customer's vehicle. According to a person in charge of the company, a€?It is a must for companies to do this. It is not easy to develop a new product, but counterfeiting is too simple. Therefore, exhibiting here is only a voice from the manufacturers to the outside world. Basically, all the manufacturers have larger booths than this one. A much more extensive exhibition hall, where the true essence of design is displayed."

And more professional manufacturers to do the export market played the banner of only receiving foreign guests, although the site once caused dissatisfaction with domestic customers, but the manufacturers insisted that it does not mean to discriminate against domestic customers, but to give the product more than a protection.

The difficulty of defending rights was greater than the development of new products Many years ago, China had already issued a related product protection policy for the building materials home industry. So how does the industry view it? The person in charge of a company said: a€?Although there are related policies, it is actually difficult to implement. According to regulations, similarity of more than 70% can be considered as imitation, but in fact, the other party can change more places, such as color, such as decoration, so the definition of infringement is sometimes very difficult, so more Manufacturers are willing to spend their energy on developing new products."

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