The cradle has also become smart: take care of your baby

Every parent who has a baby knows that once the baby is crying, you have to try to appease them. If you have other work to do, you will be at a loss.

MamaRoo came into being. It was first born in 2010. It is an automatic baby cradle with different swing and vibration modes for users to choose. In 2015, this stroller will become smart, of course, supporting Bluetooth connectivity and mobile phone control.

Some new features include:

An LCD interface is added to the base of the seat;

When the old cradle is shaking, it will be accompanied by the sound of nature, and the new style will add heartbeat;

You can connect your phone or MP3 to your baby's cradle to play songs from your device. These can all be controlled by the 4moms application;

The five shaking modes are essential to imitating the baby's growth: cycling, kangaroo jumping, swinging, sleep shaking, and wave shaking.

At the same time, a set of toys (black and white) is placed on top of the cradle to distract the baby's attention;

Some users have used the cradle to support the remote control after using the previous version. When they need to adjust, they will not affect the baby who is resting or playing. This is now achieved with the new 4moms app.

The standard version of the mamaRoo baby cradle is priced at 239.99 knives and the colorful version is priced at 269.99 knives. If your baby is often arguing and happy, to hug, you can think about it.

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