The characteristics of Zhejiang furniture market with complete research on Chinese furniture consumption

As the saying goes, "one party raises one person in water and soil," Zhejiang is in the middle of China's geographical position and the eastern coast. The beautiful scenery of the mountains and rivers is the geographical feature of the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. This makes the character of the Zhejiang people blend the delicateness of the southerners with the boldness of the northerners. Because of the water, the people of Jiangsu and Zhejiang are full of spirituality, and the water is feminine, especially the water in the south. When it comes to people in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, an obvious feature is that they are smart, frugal, and pragmatic. What is flashing in their minds is the gentle and leisurely and meticulous life. These qualities are best for business. Due to Zhejiang's unique cultural characteristics, Zhejiang furniture market consumption has the following characteristics: Zhejiang furniture consumer characteristics 1, Zhejiang consumers choose furniture very carefully, paying great attention to the quality of furniture. 2. The life of people in Zhejiang is becoming more and more westernized. In recent years, new houses are often coexisting with Western-style rooms. Especially the younger generations love furniture that reflects their personal style. Furniture styles are becoming more and more diversified. Custom-made furniture is becoming more and more popular. Consumers choose furniture sizes by themselves. Colors, materials, shapes to match their preferences, more and more people consult the interior design company to buy appropriate furniture. 3. According to the statistics of the household registration population of Zhejiang Province, the elderly population aged 60 and over in Zhejiang Province has exceeded 10% of the total population. It has entered an aging society and the population aging has been ranked in the forefront of the country. As of the end of 2008, the number of elderly people aged 60 and over in the province was 7,293,800, accounting for 15.56% of the total population, an increase of 308,600 over the same period of the previous year, an increase of 4.42%. The aging population and aging of Zhejiang Province have entered an accelerated development stage. It is estimated that by 2020, the number of elderly people aged 60 and over will reach more than 11.2 million, accounting for more than 20% of the total population. In recent years, with the economic and social development and the general improvement of people's living standards, the elderly with longevity have increased year by year. This means that the demand for health-related furniture continues to grow. This has created conditions for furniture companies to open up the market for aged auxiliary furniture and health beds. 4, the office furniture market is dedicated to automation, occupying less space, easy to combine, safe and comfortable products. Zhejiang people have a good entrepreneurial spirit, and the Office Home Office (SOHO) is becoming more and more popular in Zhejiang. The multi-functional, compact and suitable office furniture market is booming. However, there is no office furniture specifically for this type of demand, which provides a possibility for the segmentation of office furniture and provides good conditions for small businesses planning to enter the Zhejiang office furniture market. 5, young people prefer leather rather than fabric sofa (60% of the decoration is leather, popular colors are light black, brown, light yellow and brown). 6. Due to the gentle and meticulous life of the people in Zhejiang, they are very good at making full use of the limited space. The storage cabinets, storage shelves and closets that can be freely combined according to the size and size of the house are more popular. Generally, the compartments in the house are used for many purposes. For example, the living room can be used as a family gathering, dining, study, and bedroom as needed. Usually, the extra furniture items are collected in the cabinet or moved, so the furniture used is small. It is mainly composed of compact, multi-functional furniture and storage furniture for easy collection of clothing and miscellaneous items. 7, simple style, natural modern furniture has replaced the design of complex classical furniture to become the mainstream taste. 8. Traditionally, every time a person in Zhejiang encounters a major event in life, such as marriage, birth, enrollment, entering a society, moving to a new home, or remodeling a house, furniture will be purchased. In recent years, the demand for furniture replacement has also increased. The sales channel of Zhejiang furniture is in Zhejiang. Since most furniture manufacturers and retailers are small and medium-sized enterprises, in the whole process of furniture production and sales, it is necessary to rely on the wholesalers to give support to all parties. Therefore, the weight of furniture wholesalers is special. important. The services and support provided by the furniture wholesaler include: merchandise promotion, product planning coordination, information collection and provision, a full range of furniture types, commodity storage, small number of multiple distribution, loans, financing, maintenance and buying and replacing, etc. It has the effect of circumventing and diversifying risks. The existence of wholesalers, of course, has its positive and indispensable role. On the other hand, it also makes manufacturers and retailers less independent, planning, sales and marketing activities are often limited, and therefore unable to adapt to the ever-changing competitive environment. In particular, there are severe restrictions on product selection, selling price, and purchase pipeline. In addition, due to the multi-level wholesale structure, the purchase cost and final price have increased significantly, which has created a good opportunity for foreign furniture to enter the Zhejiang market. The sales channels of Zhejiang furniture have been simplified and diversified in recent years, but the basic model is still from manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers. This model does hinder the entry of foreign furniture into the Zhejiang market, but this sales structure has Its certain background and importance, its distribution is very close, the sample exhibition and the way of external procurement are also different in Guangdong and other places. For example, Zhejiang people generally do not decide on specific procurement contracts or annual transactions in the furniture exhibition hall. Instead, after the exhibition, the sales person in charge visits the customers everywhere to finalize the transaction. In recent years, the trend is that manufacturers often invite customers directly to them. Product showroom for trading negotiations. In addition, Zhejiang household furniture and office/contracted furniture have different promotion methods and sales channels, which are described as follows: 1. Sales channels of residential furniture The sales channels of furniture in Zhejiang market have maintained the basic structure of manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers. However, real estate closely related to furniture sales has developers, underwriters, property management units, etc., while the furniture industry has agents, wholesalers and retailers, plus furniture companiesa€? direct sales stores, overlapping Stacked, very complicated. In recent years, this traditional structure has undergone major changes. Some attempts to get rid of the wholesale link with a€?no middleman salesa€?, and some manufacturers wholesalers directly sell to consumers. Overall, the entire furniture sales channel has been broadened. . Regional furniture wholesalers are at the heart of Zhejiang's furniture sales system in recent years. Their role is to find furniture manufacturers and introduce products to the consumer market. During the period of high economic growth, furniture manufacturers have established production and sales systems under this structure. Manufacturers have become larger and retailers have become more powerful. Sales methods have improved with the improvement of transportation systems and the rapid development of network communication. As the scale expands, furniture manufacturers are beginning to try to get rid of the shackles of the old model, and some manufacturers have engaged in direct wholesale. But until now, because the average manufacturer is still small, it still has to rely heavily on wholesalers and their support for retailers; retailers also rely heavily on the warehousing, distribution, product information, and goods collection provided by wholesalers. Sales support services. Many large retailers use the services of wholesalers to reduce risk. Although a small number of retailers deal directly with manufacturers, most of them are still purchased through large wholesalers who have contacts with real estate developers. There are also many large-scale manufacturers that set up sales companies to directly conduct sales operations. For example, Gujia craftsmanship is a very typical approach. Large furniture chain stores also use their strong sales capabilities to expand direct purchases, and spontaneous chain stores have also established a common procurement organization with wholesale properties. In order to adapt to the emerging trend of direct sales or direct procurement, furniture wholesalers began to use the high efficiency and information-oriented sales system to strengthen their traditional status, and actively expand their sales, bidding, housing construction and other retail areas to form a monopoly. The furniture retail industry also faces the challenge of diversifying sales channels. Large retail stores, home building materials markets, discount stores, mail order operators, and home-related industries are all actively entering the field of furniture wholesale. Small and medium-sized furniture stores are often faced with difficulties in facing these competitions. The transformation of Zhejiang furniture sales and retail system structure provides a great opportunity for foreign furniture, and also allows specialized wholesalers and retailers to consider directly purchasing goods from foreign furniture suppliers. This measure not only affects the price of furniture, but also provides consumers with More choices. 2. Sales channels for office/contracted furniture In the Zhejiang market, the furniture contracting business has grown rapidly in recent years, and imported furniture has also performed better in this field. Such contract bids must be negotiated and collected at the stage of construction or public facilities planning. Information, and only the designated bidders can participate in the bidding, the successful bidder must deliver a large number of furniture and provide after-sales service in a short period of time. Suppliers interested in obtaining contracts are required to consider sending resident professionals in Zhejiang to collect information and establish authorized manufacturing or other production systems in Zhejiang. Otherwise, it is necessary to cooperate with Zhejiang furniture manufacturers or distributors to enter this. Market area. Future Development and Suggestions With the rapid development of Zhejiang's economy, the rapid growth of Zhejiang furniture imports has also accelerated the internationalization of the Zhejiang furniture market. At the 7th China International Home Furnishing Expo, more than 700 merchants from 28 provinces and cities, as well as the United States, Germany, Spain, Vietnam and other countries were packed with six pavilions. "We have 6 people, more than 10 sets of furniture, opened with 2 big trucks for 5 days, and opened from Vietnam to Ningbo." Mr. Zhu of Vietnam Meiyue Trading Co., Ltd. told reporters at the booth of Hall 3 yesterday that this is their For the first time, the company pulled the product to Ningbo. Nearly 20% of Vietnam's total foreign trade exports are furniture, while China is the largest exporter of Vietnamese furniture, especially mahogany furniture, 90% of which is exported to China. Due to the rough processing of local processing, merchants in Fujian, Zhejiang and other places in China often purchase goods from Vietnam, then finish processing, and brand their own, the price can be increased several times. The reporter found that in addition to Meiyue commerce, there are five or six wooden handicrafts and furniture exhibitors from Vietnam, which is also the first time in Ningbo. They hope that Vietnamese specialty products such as rosewood and other rare mahogany furniture and agarwood crafts can take the opportunity to introduce these competitively priced products to consumers in Ningbo and even Zhejiang. Looking at the overall situation, due to the huge potential of the Zhejiang market, it can be asserted that the future dispute will be a contest between the international. In order to seize the opportunities in the competition, we must carefully study the Zhejiang furniture market demand and competitors.

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