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There are not many owners who dare to say that their decoration is perfect and more or less regrettable. For example, the color of the wall is not good enough. For example, the slope of the bathroom is not enough, causing the toilet water to accumulate, or the outlet of the house is not enough. Tow lines are everywhere, today Xiao Bian gave everyone a summary of some of the common home improvement regrets, so that these troubles are dead and hope to help everyone!

First, how to do the wall color is too exaggerated?

The young people's personality is publicity, and the decoration of the house is very bold. It is often used in a wide range of colors on the wall. As a result, the color of the wall is too messy. It is not difficult to think of remedy, as long as it matches solid furniture such as white, natural wood, etc., it can have visual and neutral effects. Xiao Bian suggested that white walls be the safest, whites have natural, comfortable and soft features, and they are easy to match with other household items.

Second, did not play air conditioning holes in advance how to do?

During the renovation, it was catching up with the winter, so I didn't even think of playing an air conditioning hole until the hole in the air conditioning that was to be played in the summer. When the hole was drilled, the drill went up and made the wall in the bedroom a big face. It was very ugly. The owner's decoration is best to consider the placement of the air conditioning and the height of the suspension. If it is decided to use air conditioning, it is best to lay the air conditioning hole before scraping.

Third, how does the ground backfill do not level?

In the renovation of the bedroom, one's own geothermal heat can be leveled during backfilling. This can cause unevenness on the ground. Although there is nothing wrong with the naked eye, the ground quality is too bad, which seriously affects the paving of the floor. When the geothermal backfill is completed, the owner must be present on site to urge the workers to level the ground. The smoother the floor is, the easier it is to lay the floor.

Fourth, the wall does not set aside how to do wall outlet?

When the TV background wall was decorated, patronized the overall effect, neglected the practical functions, and forgot to reserve the wall outlet's power outlet. No way, LCD TVs can only be placed on the TV cabinet. If the TV cabinet is of a standard height, even if the TV is placed on the TV cabinet, it can block the wall outlet and will not affect the appearance. If you are using an LCD TV at home, be sure to leave a wall outlet on the wall.

Fifth, how does the video wall lack creativity?

To be a beautiful and creative video wall is the focus of many home renovations. For a variety of reasons, many owners discovered that the furniture and the TV wall were not coordinated after the renovation. However, the wood has already become a boat. If the video wall needs to be rebuilt, the cost will be high and the difficulty will be high, so it will be awkwardly placed. Hard equipment is not enough soft equipment to concise, such as a wall clock or decorative painting.

Spring decoration knowledge

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