Teach you to impress your customers for the first time

Teach you to impress your customers for the first time

Regardless of the type of advertisement, the readera€?s first impressiona€”that is, the first image they see, the first sentence they read, or the first sound they hear, may determine the advertisement. The key to success or failure.

If the first impression is boring or has no relevancy with him, then the advertisement cannot attract the sales target; but if the advertisement provides new information or useful information, or promises to read the advertisement, it will bring benefits. , then this first impression is expected to win attention - this is the first step to persuade readers to purchase goods.

But specifically, what exactly is the "first impression"?

For print ads, the first impression depends on the title and visual design.

For the brochure, the first impression depends on the cover.

For radio or television commercials, the first impression depends on the first few seconds of the broadcast.

For direct mail, the first impression depends on the cover copy, or the first few words of the sales letter.

For catalogs, the first impression depends on the cover.

For product briefings, the first impression depends on the first few slides or flipcharts.

For corporate websites, the first impression depends on the home design.

For e-mail ads, the first impression depends on the sender and subject line.

No matter how convincing your copy of the text is, or how outstanding the product is, if you can't attract consumers' attention, the advertisement won't succeed. Most of the advertising experts will agree that the title that wins attention is the key to the success of advertising.

It is recommended that you prepare a folder to collect some selected examples so that you can use it as a reference when conceiving your marketing material. If you can't think of an ad title for a moment, these examples will be the most helpful source of inspiration. Here are some examples of headline examples. Of course, there are not only my selection of examples. I will classify these examples and compare them at a glance.

1. Ask questions in the title

What are the advantages of Japanese managers in Japan?

2, combined with current affairs

Like Martha Stewart, he has mastered market opportunities and does not have to do illegal trades like her.

3, create new terms

"Enhanced Separation Lubricant" forms a protective film on the metal surface, extending the life of your machine tool by up to six times.

4. Pass new messages and use words such as "new", "introduced" or "announced"

The Department of Defense has announced an easy budget reduction plan.

5, advise readers, tell readers what actions should be taken

Ignite burn to see this fireproof material coupon.

6, using numbers and data

Unheard of, a tree gives out 17,000 flowers?

7, Promise will provide useful information for readers

How to avoid making a big mistake in building or buying a house.

8. Emphasize the services you can provide

From now on, our best new book offers pre-ordering, just as easy as booking a magazine.

9, tell a story, describe a process

When I was sitting in front of the piano, they were still laughing; but when I started playing...

10. Suggestive suggestions

Five tech stocks that must be bought now.

11, explain the benefits

Managing UNIX system databases has become easier from difficulties.

12. Compare

You only need half of the power consumption of the W??nner washing tower to solve your company's air pollution control problems.

13. Use a vocabulary that allows the reader to appear in the brain

Why do some foods "explode" in your stomach?

14, quoted witness

More than 500,000 miles of flight records prove that our camshafts work well within the warranty period.

15. Provide a free special report, directory or brochure

Our free report exposes little-known secrets, tells you how millionaires keep money, and make good use of government resources.

16, directly point out the service content

Operating table repair service, free replacement of operating table during repair.

17, bringing up the reader's curiosity

The only technology stock you must buy is not the one you want!

18, promise to open secret

Expose the unspoken rules of Wall Street.

19, specific instructions

At a speed of 60 miles per hour, the new Rolls-Roycea€?s loudest noise comes from the electronic clock.

20, lock readers of specific types

Solicit children's book authors.

21, adding time element

Don't need to wait too long to quickly register your company.

22. Please emphasize saving money, discounts or value

The valuable stock market news worth $2,177 is now available for as little as $69!

23. Give the reader good news

Silver-haired people can also have good hearing.

24. Provide alternatives that can replace competitors' products and services

No time for Yale? Join us at home refresher courses.

25. Ask a challenge

Can your scalp health withstand nail testing?

26, stressed that there is a guarantee

Guarantee the application development speed to increase 6 times, otherwise refund.

27, list price

The host connects 8 computers for as little as $2,395.

28. Make a seemingly contradictory statement

Rely on "inside trading" to get rich and 100% legal!

29. Provide readers with exclusive benefits that cannot be obtained elsewhere

The little-known trading secret weapon allows you to profit more than 5 times.

30. Asking the reader to care about things

Why do most SMEs end in failure? We provide a breakthrough.

31. You may wish to use the phrase a€?It sounds unbelievable...a€?

It sounds incredible, but today a small R&D company with a $2 share price may soon rise to $100.

32. Drawing a pie

Let you young 20 years old!

33. Emphasize the return on investment of commodities

The waste caused by employing incompetent employees exceeds their annual salary by three times.

34. Use a€?whya€?, a€?reasona€?, and a€?reasona€? to write titles

There are seven reasons why the production company prefers the Unilus Strobe brand lighting equipment when shooting important TV commercials.

35. Answer important questions about goods or services

The 7 questions to be asked before entrusting debt collection to the company... We have good answers to every question.

36, emphasis on buying and sending

Give it to you for free - order it now and send a free gift worth $280.

37. Assist readers in achieving goals

Help you launch a breakthrough marketing plan in the next 30 days, and it's free!

38. Make a seemingly contradictory statement or commitment

No need to open the air, every room in your home will be immediately cool!

The title is part of the advertisement. Its function is to attract attention, and attracting attention is the first step in persuading the reader to purchase the product.

Playing a gimmick, arranging sentences, or exaggerating and touting are not essential elements of a good title. A well-designed headline is truly valuable when its subtleties reinforce sales information and deepen readersa€? impressions. Unfortunately, many copywriters create ideas for creativity, leading to meticulous design that blurs sales information.

If you have to choose between cleverness and simplicity, I would suggest that you choose simple and straightforward. Although you won't win advertising awards, you can at least sell more products.

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