Teach you how to choose explosion-proof membrane

Buy a car to teach you how to choose explosion-proof membrane

With the arrival of spring, the sky heats up again. Especially in the summer in the north, driving under the direct sun is a very painful thing. Therefore, many people consider installing explosion-proof membranes on their cars to block some direct sunlight. So how do we choose explosion-proof membrane?

There are many kinds of automobile explosion-proof membranes on the market, and the quality is also uneven. Among them, there are inevitably sub-good products.

At present, the price of anti-explosion membranes for automobiles ranges from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. Pay attention to the following points when choosing an anti-explosion membrane:

1. Translucent. For front windows and front windshield windows, an explosion-proof film with good light transmittance that does not affect the line of sight should be selected. Generally, a light transmittance of more than 85% should be selected. The rear windshield film should not only ensure a good field of vision, but also reduce the strong glare generated by the rear car headlights to ensure the sight of driving at night.

2. Thermal insulation. Insulation performance is an important indicator of the quality of the explosion-proof membrane. For example, some car membranes using nanotechnology and spectral particle technology can effectively block more than 95% of ultraviolet rays and 50% to 80% of infrared rays.

3. Explosion-proof. A qualified explosion-proof membrane has high flexibility. When the glass breaks, it can increase the ductility of the glass and effectively reduce the damage caused by the glass splash to the occupants. The inferior explosion-proof membrane has a soft touch, lacks sufficient toughness, and is easy to age and become hard and brittle.

4. colour. Different car owners have different preferences for the color of the explosion-proof membrane. Generally, they are combined with the body color. It is recommended to use a light color or a natural color when choosing the explosion-proof membrane. This is easy to match other colors. At the same time, driving for a long time will make the eyes more comfortable.

5. Surface protective layer. There will be a thin protective layer on the surface of the high-quality anti-explosion membrane, which is used to prevent scratches during use. When buying, you can gently scratch the surface of the anti-explosion membrane with your fingers to check whether it has an anti-scratch protection layer.

6. Shelf life. When purchasing an explosion-proof membrane, the production date and shelf life should be checked. The valid period of qualified products produced by regular manufacturers is generally 5 years, and the better explosion-proof membrane is even valid for 8 to 10 years.

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