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With the improvement of modern living standards, people's requirements for the comfort and taste of the living environment are constantly increasing. The wallpaper has a strong decorative effect in the decoration, and can also create a healthy, comfortable and warm living environment for the family. Decoration is favored by more and more people. Xiao Bian gave us a presentation, the advantages of wallpaper on the wall and on the wall of concrete steps wallpaper.

Wall Stickers Wallpaper Benefits:

1, the full range, color variety, with a strong decorative effect.

2. Short paving time can greatly shorten the construction period.

3, has a relatively good wear resistance, anti-pollution, easy to clean.

4, with anti-crack function. Doing latex paint on the insulation board, whether it is plus a good cloth or bandage, not long after the completion of the delivery, some cracks will be revealed, and wallpaper can play a good role in circumventing this defect. As long as the pavement is in place, small cracks will not reappear.

5. The daily use and maintenance are very convenient, washable and erasable, and there are no other special requirements.

Wall sticker wallpaper steps:

Step 1: Clean up the wall decorations and racks, and apply a 1:2 proportioning wallpaper remover evenly on the old wallpaper.

Step 2: After the wallpaper agent is completely infiltrated, remove excess wallpaper with a spatula and a hand, dent the wall, fill it with putty, and level the wall with a spatula.

Step 3: Measure the size of the wall, and then measure the wallpaper based on the wall area. Pay attention to the length of the wallpaper, which is 5Cm more than the actual surface.

Step 4: Next, reconcile the wallpaper wallpaper with water to reconcile the general wallpaper with 1:3, foam wallpaper to 1:2, or use special wallpaper paste without modulation, and use the roller brush to reconcile the wallpaper. Evenly brush on the back of the wallpaper.

Step 5: Next, lean the wallpaper against the wall, brush it from top to bottom with a wooden handle, and stick it inwards from the corners to level the wallpaper.

Step 6: When faced with a power switch or socket, first cover the wallpaper and brush it with a wooden handle. Then use a Utility Knife to draw a cross diagonally on it. Use a scraper to hold it against the edge of the switch. Use a Knife to follow the trend. Cut off the extra part.

Step 7: If there is a link between printed wallpapers, find the same position on the two wallpapers, and overlap them with a width of about 12cm. After the entire wallpaper has been aligned, use a scraper to hold it, and then use the blade to cut the overlap. Can be under.

Step 8: When sticking the wallpaper, pay attention to brushing from the top to the bottom. If you find that the spot is uneven, you can use a towel and then re-level it with a spatula.

Step 9: Finish the processing of the wallpaper around the doors and windows. The method is the same as the wallpaper processing method at the power switch.

Step 10: After the wallpaper is pasted, replace it with the original device.

Editor's summary: The merits of the wallpaper on the wall and the wallpaper steps on the wall are introduced. I hope to help you. For more information, please follow this website.

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