Summer decoration to prevent material problems

Summer decoration will have some impact on construction. Many people will pay more attention to the problems that need to be adjusted in construction. However, many people will also ignore the pre- and post-construction links. In fact, the summer decoration has to consider the effect of high temperature and rainy weather when purchasing materials. Summer construction site materials also need to pay more attention.

Problems to pay attention to when purchasing materials

1, the nearer the production date of the board, the better

The moisture content of wood can affect the quality of construction. When purchasing artificial boards such as blockboards, try to select the production date closer to the nearest one. The moisture content of such boards is similar to that of the interior, and it is appropriate to use them.

2, wooden keel election stable

The stability of wood keel with low moisture content is relatively strong. When selecting wood keel materials, it is better to choose a longer time for processing. Such excipients have a low moisture content and are not susceptible to mildew.

3, do not buy cement on rainy days

If the cement cakes, it will fail. The cement is very susceptible to moisture, and even if it is only a small amount of moisture, it will quickly clump, which will seriously affect the quality or even become obsolete, so the cement should not be purchased on rainy days.

4, when buying doors and windows to have room for size

The high temperature in the summer will affect thermal expansion and contraction of plastic-steel materials. Therefore, when ordering plastic steel doors and windows and sliding doors, the dimensions should be slightly surplus. Because plastic steel materials are greatly affected by the temperature, if the size of the steel is too compact, there will be gaps and deformations due to lower temperatures in the winter.

Be careful with the material on site

1, in the shade

Summer temperatures are high, and the weather is dry. The materials at the construction site should be placed in a cool place as much as possible, and keep a certain distance from the live tools to reduce the risk of accidents.

Decoration construction knowledge construction installation

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