Stone maintenance knowledge

Do not touch non-neutral items, all stones are afraid of acid and alkali. For example, acid often causes oxidation of sulphur iron minerals in granite to cause spitting. The acid will decompose the calcium carbonate contained in the marble, causing the surface to be eroded. The alkali will also erode the feldspar and quartz in the granite. The grain boundary of the crystal of the object causes the phenomenon of grain peeling. Therefore, non-neutral items are the original murder of stone mirrors.

Do not wax at will. There are many kinds of waxes on the market, such as water-based wax, stearic acid wax, oil wax, acrylic wax and so on. These waxes basically contain acid and alkali substances. Not only will it block the capillary pores of the stone, but it will also be stained with dirt to form wax scale, which will cause yellowing on the stone surface. However, if the pedestrian and the goods with a very high frequency of circulation must be waxed, you must consult a professional maintenance company to guide the use of wax and maintenance.

Do not use non-neutral detergents. In order to achieve quick cleaning effect, the general cleaning agent contains acid and alkali. Therefore, if the cleaning agent of unknown composition is used for a long time, the surface gloss of the stone will be lost, and the residue of non-neutral chemicals is also the main cause of stone lesions in the future. .

Do not cover carpets and sundries for a long time. In order to keep the stone breathing smoothly, it should avoid covering the carpet and debris for a long time on the stone surface. Otherwise, the moisture under the stone cannot be volatilized through the pores of the stone. Then the stone will be annoying stone lesions due to excessive moisture and increased water content. If you must lay carpets and pile up debris, please don't forget to change frequently.

Be completely clean and clean. Whether it is hard granite (hardness HRs88-111?±4-7) or softer marble (hardness HRs46-77?±3-5), it is not resistant to wind and sand and long-term enthalpy of soil particles. Therefore, from time to time, use dust collectors and electrostatic mops to thoroughly clean and clean. The entrance to the commercial space is best to place the dusting mat. The sand that is used in the filter shoes is best to change into the slippers after the entry, reducing the chance of the sand dust wearing the stone surface.

Regular maintenance and maintenance of gloss. By relying on dust removal, cleaning can't keep the bright stone luster unrelenting. Therefore, you must regularly ask professional companies to send people for maintenance and gloss regeneration maintenance work such as: use crystallizing liquid to recrystallize the marble surface, or use polishing powder to regenerate the marble or granite surface, or use polishing powder to make marble or flower The granite surface is regenerated with luster, or a breathable gloss protectant is used. You can keep your stone as new as ever.

Immediately remove the pollution. All stones have natural pores, and the source of pollution (oil, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, ink, etc.) can easily penetrate into the interior of the stone through the pores, forming annoying stains, so be sure to choose a good quality stone. The special protective agent is applied to prevent the pollution source from polluting the stone on the stone. It is necessary to know that all protective agents are not likely to block pollution for a long time, so once the source of pollution falls on the stone, it must be clear immediately to prevent penetration into the pores of the stone.

Always keep it ventilated and dry. Stone is afraid of too much ambient humidity. Water vapor will produce hydration, hydrolysis and carbonation of the stone, producing water spots, whitening, weathering, denudation, rust yellow and other diseases, destroying the stone. Therefore, the stone installation should always be kept ventilated and dry.

It should be treated regularly as a protective treatment. To protect the life of the stone and prevent the penetration of water and pollution sources, it must be treated regularly (depending on the type of stone and the quality of the protective agent, it is best to do 1-1-2 for 1- to 3 years).

The quality of the protective agent must be paid special attention. After the application, it must be able to maintain the permeability, water resistance and antifouling properties of the stone. Never use an unidentified protective agent, so as not to fail to achieve the protective effect, but increase the trouble of stone maintenance.

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