Steam reciprocating pump structure and working principle

As with the electric reciprocating pumps described earlier, steam reciprocating pumps rely on the reciprocating motion of the piston as a type of water supply, but they have different power sources. Today, Xiaobian first to introduce the steam reciprocating pump structure and working principle. After reading the following content, we can recall how the electric reciprocating pump is working, the two are the same? Steam reciprocating pump structure and working principle Steam pump is a steam engine and water pump two parts by a piston rod as a water supply equipment. Steam reciprocating pump is a steam-driven direct acting reciprocating pump, usually horizontal. Working principle: The steam enters into the steam distribution chamber through the steam inlet tube, then enters the cylinder through the steam inlet on the left side of the cylinder. The piston of the cylinder moves to the right under the action of the steam pressure, and the waste steam is discharged into the waste steam chamber from the steam outlet on the right side of the cylinder . While the cylinder piston moves, the piston in the pump chamber connected with the piston rod is pushed in the same direction so that the pump chamber on the left side of the water tank is vacuumed. Water is sucked into the left pump chamber through the suction pipe and the left inlet door. At the same time, the outlet on the right opens the water. When the cylinder piston moves to the right top position, the connecting rod moves to the left, closes the intake port on the left side of the cylinder, opens the intake port on the right side, enters the steam, and the piston begins to move to the left. The water pump piston absorbs water from the right and the water from the left. Through the pump piston with the cylinder piston continuous reciprocating motion, you can continue to absorb water and pressure out of water. The above is the steam reciprocating pump structure and working principle of the relevant introduction, so that we can better understand how the steam reciprocating pump is working. Behind, small series will bring more knowledge about the steam reciprocating pump, hoping to help more people. Further Reading: Motor IFAT China's top ten brands Guangzhou Exhibition building water pump manufacturers ranking ptc Show article belongs to Internet industry (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and author of: Asian pumps Network Editor : Small L (QQ / WeChat:) starting: (service hotline:)

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