Solid wood furniture maintenance is very important

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With the improvement of living standards, environmental awareness has gradually increased. When people buy furniture, they usually prefer to buy solid wood furniture. This is also an important reason for the increasing market share of solid wood furniture in recent years. Solid wood coffee table, solid wood TV cabinet, solid wood sofa, solid wood tea table... can see the status of solid wood in furniture. Rosewood, camphor wood, rosewood, eucalyptus, chicken wing wood, eucalyptus, etc., can be widely used in the production of solid wood furniture. In fact, human beings have a natural feeling for wood, and solid wood furniture is an important way for ordinary people to store nature in their homes.

The reporter learned from Chengdu's furniture professional store that there are many kinds of solid wood furniture, and consumers can choose different kinds of solid wood furniture according to their own preferences. Mr. Zhang, the person in charge of a certain brand of furniture, told the reporter that solid wood furniture, especially the selection of medium and high-end solid wood products, has soul and life. The owner needs to find a way to get along with it. In simple terms, it is to know how to maintain.

The person in charge told the reporter that some high-end consumers like to buy mahogany furniture, mainly in accordance with traditional crafts and styles, mainly composed of Ming and Qing classic hardwood furniture. The function is mainly based on furnishings and collections, and the production of exquisite dark and precious hardwood furniture. Environmentally friendly consumers choose the new Chinese or modern small fresh style furniture made of wood such as eucalyptus and eucalyptus. In any case, solid wood furniture needs to be well maintained, and after a long period of use, it will have a different effect.

According to the reporter's understanding, in the production process, the traditional hardwood furniture generally has no paint layer on the surface, just hot wax. Nowadays, the newly produced hardwood or other solid wood furniture has large paint or varnish protection, and different solid wood furniture maintenance methods are different.

Generally speaking, solid wood contains water. When the humidity of the air is too low, the hardwood furniture will shrink, and when it is too high, it will swell. Generally, solid wood furniture has a shrinking layer when it is produced, but it should be noted when using it. Do not place it in a place that is too moist or too dry. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not place it in a place that is too humid to avoid mold or cracking. Wait. Solid wood furniture is different from leather furniture, especially oil. Once you have greased, clean it with tea. Residual tea is an excellent cleaning agent. After wiping, use a small amount of corn flour to wipe it. Finally, wipe the corn flour. At the same time, in the usual daily cleaning, use a wet rag or a rough rag, and it is best not to wipe the solid wood furniture with such a rag. Use a clean soft cotton cloth, add a little furniture wax or walnut oil after a while, and gently rub back and forth along the wood grain.

Consumers should also pay attention when placing home accessories. The surface of solid wood furniture should avoid placing too heavy items for a long time, otherwise it will deform the furniture. Even on solid wood tables, it is not advisable to place materials such as plastic sheets on the table. The surface of the furniture should be protected from rubbing with hard objects to avoid damage to the paint surface and the surface texture of the wood. For example, when placing decorative items such as porcelain bronzes, be careful. It is best to use a soft cloth. Of course, consumers can choose some soft cloths with a unique pattern according to the decoration style of the home, such as printing and dyeing Chinese blue cloth. Professionals remind that in the summer, in the process of using air conditioners, some households use humidifiers at the same time. Humidifiers should not release water vapor against solid wood furniture. Avoid direct contact and prevent solid wood from swelling.

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