Small coup! How to wash different paints on clothes quickly?

In the decoration, we often encounter splashes of paint , or accidentally get on the body how to do it? Is there any small trick for quick cleaning? Let's see! The following is for everyone. Come see it!

1. Rinse with water For water-soluble paint, it can be washed away directly with water. When it comes to home decoration or decoration of furniture, water-soluble paints are used more, not only environmentally friendly, but also easy to clean. It is common to put the clothes or tools out of the faucet and wash them with water while washing them, so that the paint can be quickly removed.

2, cleaning with gasoline and kerosene If we are using solvent-based paint, the clothes are stained with solvent-based paint, water can not be removed, because such paint is not easy to dissolve in water, it is difficult to wash. Gasoline or kerosene is generally used to remove paint because organic solvents can be easily used in gasoline and kerosene. The method of use is to use a rag and rub the gasoline to wipe the place where the paint is applied.

3, wind oil remove paint wind oil not only has the effect of swelling, but also can remove the paint on the clothes. Drop a little bit of oil on the stained area, then wipe it with a rag for a few times, then wipe off the paint and rinse it off with water.

4, paint remover cleaning For some of the paints that are more difficult to clean, you need to use a special paint remover to clean. However, when using the paint remover, it is necessary to consider whether it can be used. For example, the paint remover has a corrosive effect on the clothes, can not be cleaned with a paint remover, and can clean the paint on the glass and the metal.
These are a few simple and practical ways to remove the paint, I hope to help everyone. These methods are common to both painters and ourselves, and are more convenient. However, when using paint, try to pay attention to it, do not get too much on the clothes, reducing the amount of work we need to remove the paint.

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