Small apartment decoration design principles have seen the heart smiled

The prices are soaring again! Some time ago, the property market in Shanghai ignited the first fire after the year. The transaction centers in Shanghai's districts were crowded with people who had purchased them. An estate in Huaqiao sold out for an hour. Xiao Bian really does not understand, before it has been said to go to inventory, so many people look to buy a house inventory worry ah. For Xiao Bian, who can't afford to buy a house, but has to buy a house, can only pick a smaller one. The house was bought, the decoration was a problem, how could the limited space be renovated? Let's take a look at the principles of small apartment renovation design.

1, small apartment decoration is not a good "color"

Many people nowadays are willing to paint their homes with a sense of individuality. However, in small-sized homes, if they use too full and dignified colors, it is easy for people to feel oppressed and cramped.

On the contrary, brighter colors in the cool shades appear to be appropriate for small-sized units. These colors can give people a visual sense of diffusion and retreat, making people feel that the space is bigger than it actually is, and it can also make it easier for people. Pleasant psychological feelings.

It is also necessary to avoid excessive material and excessive color processing on the walls. This will not only reflect the owner's personality and taste, but will make people feel disorganized and breathless. Therefore, on the basis of a certain basic color, doing some modest changes is a wise move in the design of small units.

2, small apartment decoration "can not afford the weight"

The decoration of small houses is generally based on the principle of a€?light decorationa€?. If small rooms are full of cabinets, the relative space also reduces the space for living. Instead, it is better to use the money from the renovation to buy some better furniture. The so-called "light decoration" concept advocates: In a limited budget, the practical function of the home space should be the furniture decoration is the primary focus of the decoration, as the decoration of the heavens, the earth, the wall is a supporting role of space modification. The small space reduces the fixed and heavy decoration, and the space is moved out, so that people can live at ease.

3, small apartment furniture should not be so troublesome

The room is small, and if you put on some furniture that is bulky and complicated, then even if the furniture is expensive and exquisite, it can only be self-defeating. The designer said that small-sized apartment units must not be greedy for furniture arrangements, and should strive to be simple.

There is also a certain amount of knowledge in the placement of furniture. It is necessary to take into account in advance the relationship between the pedestrian passage and the furniture, so that the space between the furniture and the owner's activities is maintained at a certain distance, so as to avoid conflicts in space. At the same time, some small furniture, such as flower stands and corner cabinets, can be placed in the corner of the living room. It can not only fully utilize the space for storing items, but also serves as a display.

4, home storage design people-oriented

The decoration of small-sized apartment buildings should also be mainly people-oriented, and supplemented by furniture storage. Because of the small space, there is really no extra place to put clothes that never wear and unused cups, because we need to complete the operation. The function will only produce furniture and storage, but it will not need to be incorporated to make the cabinet. Although this concept is easy to understand, it is ignored by the majority. It is often seen that some people put the cart before the horse and store it. Furniture, and forgot where the sun can be soft and warm, whether people walk into the room during the cycle is appropriate, only to see a sofa full of TV, if the design can return to people-oriented, this kind of crowding can actually be avoided of.

5, small size is not suitable for "straight men"

Small apartment renovation, can not do the ceiling is best not to do, if the owner is particularly like the design of the ceiling, the best choice for the ceiling in the form of curves, so that the room can add some layering, to achieve better than ordinary linear ceiling Effect. By the same token, in the selection of accessories, the owner can also deliberately select some designs or accessories that gradually narrow from bottom to top. For example, some trapezoidal items can also achieve good results. Of course, the design of a straight line does not mean that it should be completely abandoned. Straight lines also have their own magical effects. For example, in some houses with a preference for rectangles or houses with limited height, some vertical textures can be processed on the walls, which will make the room appear more vertically.

Small apartment decoration small apartment design

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