Sitting on the rosewood, you can sleep on the rosewood to prevent mosquitoes.

Sitting on the rosewood can be health care, sleeping on the rosewood can prevent mosquitoes, and can be raised with chicken wings. Immersed in the collection and investment of mahogany furniture, you should wake up, buy mahogany with mahogany and have more attention to health. As long as the application of the material, mahogany furniture can bring you unexpected gains. The expert group of the Redwood City Hall of the Real House said that the mahogany health can not be anxious, in addition to choosing the right material, it also takes time to experience.

Sitting on the rosewood

Sitting on a chair made of sour wood, it can play a health care role. This argument is valid, and the rosewood has good heat dissipation and breathability, and is relatively firm. Its slightly scented fragrance can also be refreshed, making it ideal for making tables and chairs. According to experts, when the rosewood has just been felled, the core material is light red to red. After standing for a long time, it can sink to the water and the color gradually turns into purple. When the gloss becomes dull, smooth and smooth after brushing. Of course, the beautiful texture of the rosewood, the non-corrosive properties and the durability are not to be mentioned. Rosewood may not have the value of huanghuali and red sandalwood, but it is a rare raw material in the user's mind. The redwood fans who have been for many years said: "The rosewood furniture is stable and has no smooth feeling. Lumbar spine has a certain health care effect, and it is not hard or cool, it is the best choice for making mahogany seats."

Sleeping rosewood can prevent mosquitoes

Some consumers said that sleeping on a bed made of rosewood is not afraid of being bitten by mosquitoes. This is because the rosewood is called "the gold in the wood" and can emit "wood oxygen" which is beneficial to the human body. Redwood experts also agree with this statement, because the red sandalwood chips will emit "wood oxygen" after repeated sputum, this material can not only play a refreshing role, long-term contact can also promote cell regeneration, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, Good for the skin. How can the red sandalwood bed be done? The craftsmen of the past will use the hoe to polish the red sandalwood. The psyllium has the effect of dispersing the wind and heat. After the sedge-grinding rosewood, the active ingredients are more likely to ooze and diverge. Regulate the role of blood and beauty. Of course, the statement that the rosewood can prevent mosquitoes in summer is derived from the records of Mongolian medicine: in addition to the effect of eliminating joint swelling and pain, red sandalwood has the characteristic of being able to deworm, which is most suitable for summer use against mosquitoes.

Use chicken wings to keep health

Do you know that utensils made of mahogany should not be just displays or displays? Dining with coffee table, tea set and tableware made of mahogany can achieve unexpected health and wellness effects. Of course, not all mahogany is suitable for utensils. Chicken wing wood is the best choice for tableware. According to experts, the chicken wing wood will evaporate a natural aroma under the stimulation of hot water. This aroma has a refreshing effect, so the "chicken wing wood" tea set is very popular. In addition, the chicken wing wood itself is flexible, not afraid of water, and is also the best material for making tea in redwood. ??

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