Shower room glass door shower room glass door cleaning and maintenance

Many families now have a shower room in the bathroom. The shower room can prevent splashing in the shower and wet the floor and surrounding facilities. So how much do you know about the shower door glass door ? Next Xiaobian will share with you the knowledge about shower glass door purchase and shower room glass door cleaning and maintenance. Let's take a look.

Shower glass door purchase

1, the degree of glass temper

The glass door of the shower room requires the tempering degree of the tempered glass. The thickness of the glass depends on the design of the shower room. Therefore, the thicker the glass is, the better.

2, see the mark certification

When buying a glass door in a shower room, it is necessary to purchase an outer package, a product bearing the brand, site, and certificate. The most important point is to recognize the glass CCC certification and brand identity on the glass, and not to be willing to pay for the moment's cheapness. Use to leave a scourge.

3, buy a well-known brand

Many small manufacturers use semi-tempered glass or hot-bent glass in order to reduce costs. The shower room made of these glass is vulnerable to external factors and it is likely to burst. The damage cannot be avoided.

4, listen to the sound of glass

When selecting the glass door of the shower room, use the knuckles to tap the glass and listen to the sound from the glass. If the sound is crisp, it is tempered glass. If the sound is dull, it is normal glass. The hardness of the ordinary glass is not enough. The pressure and impact force are not enough, and it is still prone to burst during use.

5, touch the glass flatness

The flatness of tempered glass will be worse than that of ordinary glass, and the feeling of bumps and bumps will be felt when the hand touches the surface of the tempered glass. Observe the long side of the tempered glass, there will be a certain degree of curvature. Put the two larger tempered glass close together, the arc will be more obvious.

6. Observe the appearance of glass

To see if the glass is transparent, with no impurities, bubbles and other defects. Impurities in the production of glass materials or defects in the process will cause defects such as noise and bubbles in the glass, which will reduce the hardness and strength of the glass. Wear polarized sunglasses to watch the glass. The tempered glass should show colored streaks. If you look at the glass on the light side, the tempered glass will have blue spots. At the same time, there will be vague patterns in the authentic tempered glass.

7, pay attention to hardware

The hardware of the shower door glass door can not be ignored, especially the handle, the wheel and so on. Because tempered glass will burst automatically if there is a small corner that damages the entire glass.

Shower room glass door cleaning and maintenance

Routine cleaning or use clean water. The shower room glass will inevitably be stained with bath products and water stains, this time you need to use clean water, it is best to use a soft cloth to wipe, soft cloth can choose the kind of hairless, so do not touch on the glass On the fiber.

Regularly wash with glass water. Glass water is usually used to clean glass and glass related products. It should be considered symptomatic for shower rooms. In accordance with the use of clarification, we first spray the glass on the glass surface, and then wipe it clean with a dry soft cloth. It is best to use dry soft cloth that will not lint, otherwise it will be prepared a few more, otherwise the dry fluffy cloth is wet, and the small fluff that fell off will stick to the glass. The breath of glassy water is not obvious.

If there is dirt, wipe it with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Obstinate stains can be removed with a small amount of alcohol. Do not use acidic, alkaline solvents.

Tips : buy a pound of spinach, boiled for half a minute, use a rag to dip this spinach water, scrub the glass door, because the dish contains a lot of oxalic acid, can dissolve the glass door on the scale.

The above is a brief introduction to shower door glass door selection and shower room glass door cleaning and maintenance. I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

Shower room glass door

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