Shanghai Jinpeng: Shanghai Aluminum's weakness remains unchanged.

Last night, LME Aluminum rose 27 points to close at 1824.5 US dollars, a sharp rise from the previous trading day, which was mainly driven by the sharp rise in LME copper. On Monday evening there were reports that the hurricane was moving toward the United States, causing a panic atmosphere in the international market. The gold price hit another 17-year high, and led the sharp rise in crude oil, which also directly affected the LME copper rose sharply by 113 LME aluminum. The rise was 27 points.

Today's domestic aluminum weakness remains the same. From its trend, we can't see any impact due to the sharp increase of Shanghai Copper and Hujiao. The fluctuation range of the day is within 50 points, ranging from 10 to 20 points. And positions are still shrinking, the Shanghai aluminum market will continue to be the main minor fluctuations, it is recommended that investors wait and see. (Kang Ming)

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