Shaft production line consisting of vertical machine tools enters Chinese automobile manufacturing plant

The development of China's auto industry is booming and strong. According to the authority, PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the world's four largest accounting firms, estimates that China's annual car production will double in the next five years, from the current 14.5 million to two. Seven hundred and seven million. The rapid development of the automotive industry poses a huge challenge to the production planners of new plants. The first question they think about is how to quickly build an efficient production process for the production of complex parts at new production sites. Machine manufacturers with comprehensive technology are considering what efficient machining possibilities can be offered to these users. ? Car grinding technology expert--a cooperation project between EMAG and China Changan Company provides the best answer to these questions. The core part of this collaborative project to be processed is a recognized problem in the metalworking industry: the processing of camshafts. Changan Company will use the EMAG production line to categorize the core components of the engine, such as turning, milling, drilling and grinding, and the processing equipment will all adopt vertical machine tools. This is an unprecedented pioneering work in the field of camshaft machining. Changan Company has a bright eye for the hero and has a timely insight into the advantages of this innovative process.

"Vertical processing" has a long history in EMAG. The machine tool manufacturer located in the small town of Salah has designed and manufactured countless machine tools based on vertical machining in the past few decades. During machining, the workpiece is clamped vertically and the tool is placed on the side of the workpiece. This type of machine tool provides ideal conditions for chipping during machining, creating optimum conditions for stable and reliable machining. For decades, EMAG has written a successful chapter with this innovation. Since the production line consisting of vertical machine tools is a new production plan and concept for the soft and hard machining of camshafts, the choice of Changan engine experts is undoubtedly a breakthrough and a new step. a€?In fact, this production plan has also led us into a new world,a€? said Dr. Guido Hegner, General Manager of EMAG Salah Machine Tool Co., Ltd. a€?We are very experienced in the field of vertical car, drilling, milling and grinding. However, deep drilling of the vertically clamped camshaft is indeed an unimaginable and difficult process, because when drilling deep holes, the depth of the drill into the workpiece is as high as 320 mm. However, we have set the target at the beginning of the design. It is necessary to make full use of the advantages of vertical machining, so that the advantages of vertical machining are reflected in every machine tool in the production line."

EMAG craftsmanship in practice

EMAG produces a complete line of camshafts for Changan Automobile. From soft machining to grinding, all use VTC machine platform

The production line was put into production in Changan, Chongqing in June. It is not difficult to see that it is indeed an extraordinary production plan. This production plan consists of two production lines that are installed almost parallel and have similar models for the machining of intake and exhaust camshafts. The machining of the shafts began with two VTC 250 DUO turning centres in EMAG: one turning centre for the face machining of the camshaft and all the turning tasks; the second turning centre in addition to the deep drilling mentioned above In addition to machining, the machining of drilling radial oil holes and milling facets is also completed. The camshaft is then fully finished by two VTC 315 DS grinding centers: the first grinding spindle and the second grinding cam. The design highlights of the two grinding centers are the simultaneous grinding of the camshafts with two opposite grinding wheels. The machining direction of the grinding wheels is just opposite, so that the cutting forces generated during machining are completely offset. The other advantages of this design are also obvious: firstly, because the workpiece is clamped stably and the rigidity is good, the extremely high feed rate can be used when grinding the camshaft; the other two grinding wheels are simultaneously ground, which further shortens the machining time.

Intelligent automatic system, efficient cooling solution

The VTC 250 DUO turning center completes all machining from end face machining to drilling center hole, deep drilling and 4-axis linkage turning

The EMAG grinding line solution offers the conditions for an efficient and intelligent workpiece handling system. The loading and unloading turret integrated in the turning center is responsible for the automatic transfer of workpieces in the machine. The workpiece transfer between the grinding centers is done by a robot. a€?In addition, we designed an efficient cooling system for the entire line,a€? Dr. Hegener added. a€?Because the inlet and exhaust lines are installed in parallel, the distance is very close, and the machine design of the two lines is almost the same, the cutting fluid can be well shared. Equipment, so we have configured two cutting fluid purification units for the two production lines.a€? The two-line turning center and the grinding center each share a cutting fluid purification unit. This efficient solution greatly reduces investment costs. In addition to the complete processing of the camshaft, in addition to the processing equipment, a series of auxiliary equipment, such as flaw detectors, measuring equipment, washing machines and oiling machines, are also required. The first two are used to guarantee quality, while the latter two are used to process the camshaft to make it fit.

Highest capacity

Camshaft deep oil hole machining

Two turning centers, two grinding machines, a deburring polishing machine, and a gear press each, together with the auxiliary equipment mentioned above, require only 69 seconds of tempo for all the camshafts. Some people may ask, how is such a short beat achieved? "Of course, to achieve a short beat, multiple factors need to be matched. We use two opposed grinding wheels for simultaneous grinding, which has greatly shortened the processing. Time; four-axis linkage turning is even more powerful, and the simultaneous loading and unloading of workpieces is the icing on the cake. It is these factors that blend together to significantly shorten the non-machining time of the entire line,a€? explains Dr. Hegener.

Complete solution from the first hand

Finishing is done on the VTC 315 DS grinding center, and the two opposite grinding wheels simultaneously grind the camshaft

In general, Changan will be the biggest beneficiary of this solution after it is put into production in June. It not only ensures efficient production, but also guarantees the highest quality parts. In addition, vertical processing equipment is also superior in processing reliability. a€?There is definitely a lot of advantages for this processing solution,a€? Dr. Hegener added. a€?However, it is EMAGa€?s overall technical strength in the field of shaft machining, which has prompted Chinese policymakers to invest in this solution. We have planned and configured the overall The production line, which includes online technology and the necessary peripherals, is a a€?one-handed solutiona€? that undoubtedly provides great convenience for production planners at new production sites.a€?

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From blanks to finished parts: complete machining of camshafts on the EMAG VTC series of vertical machines

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