September 23 AMT Daily Comment on LME Base Metals

The following is a daily review of metals trading issued on September 23 by Amalgamated Metal Trading Limited (AMT), a leading brokerage of the London Metal Exchange (LME).

Copper: Not available.

Aluminum: Not provided.

The price of lead:lead fell away from the high level and retraced late. It is expected that the market outlook will be under pressure. The investor's selling is expected to be set at the level of 930 US dollars.

Zinc: Not provided.

Tin: The price of tin has stabilized today. It is uncertain how long the uptrend will last. Investors are eager to sell again, and timing is of the utmost importance.

Nickel: In response to a small amount of short covering, nickel in the LME period closed up slightly on the 23rd, maintaining a range range.

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