Science on how to deal with chemical explosions

At 22:52 on August 12, the dangerous goods warehouse container yard of the Kazimen Ruihai International Logistics Company, No. 7 Tianjin Port, Binhai New Area, Tianjin, was fired and exploded. Witnesses at the scene said that the scene was full of fire, and the mushroom cloud was ignited. The explosion produced a strong earthquake and could be felt in many places in Hebei.

According to CCTV, the explosion occurred in the flammable and explosive materials inside the container. At present, the injured person was sent to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment. Up to now, 17 people have been killed and more than 400 people have been injured .

According to a number of local Weibo netizens, after the explosion, many buildings near the explosion site were damaged by shock waves and other windows. In addition, due to the falling glass slag, at least hundreds of people were injured and the wounded flocked to the hospital. . At present, the staff of the major hospitals nearby are full, and the staff of the emergency department said that the telephone was blasted.

Titanium media editors in the Ruihai logistics official website found that Ruihai International was established in 2011, its official website said: (Company) is a large transit and distribution center for the dangerous goods container business in Tianjin port, is the designated dangerous goods supervision of Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration The station and the Tianjin Port of Communications port dangerous goods operation permit unit .

According to the official website information of Ruihai International Logistics Co., Ltd., the dangerous goods involved in storage are the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth and ninth categories . The product classification information has not changed since it was released in July 2013.

Tianjin Extraordinary Explosion, Science on How to Deal with Chemical Explosion

Less than 400 meters from the south side of the explosion site, on the four or five football-sized parking lots, thousands of new cars parked, almost all burned, leaving only the frame, like a car grave.

People are so small before a sudden disaster. Since many things cannot be dominated, we only dominate the parts that can be dominated.

What common sense do you have to face in the face of chemical, chemical accidental explosions and fires? How to minimize the damage? As the best technology media, what Titan Media should do at this time is probably to do science. On how to deal with the explosion of dangerous dangerous goods, Titanium Xiaobian compiled the relevant content according to the answers of the author Sun Yafei and others, so that you can understand in time:


When a chemical, chemical-induced fire occurs,

  • How to extinguish the fire?

  • How to reduce personal injury?

  • How to reduce environmental pollution?

  • What are the areas for improvement that need to be improved?

1. The chemical plant cares about how to extinguish the fire, but is more concerned about how to prevent fire;

The ban on fireworks is a sign that all companies involved in chemical industry will stick to everywhere. There is an unwritten saying that standing in any corner of the chemical plant, you can see at least one slogan of a€?no fireworksa€?. In addition to the slogan, there are anti-static clothing, anti-static shoes, etc., it is strictly prohibited to use mobile phones in the production area, but to use explosion-proof walkie-talkies. Large enterprises have more training in this area, and small enterprises are not necessarily. Moreover, although there are many slogans attached, some people are not doing anything right. Stolen smoking has happened. Most companies are arrested, but some people will take risks. They really recommend this kind of behavior into criminal law. Once something goes wrong, it is a manslaughter. Drunk driving is much more serious.

In addition, the elimination of fire hazards also needs to be prevented at the design stage of the equipment, construction can not cut corners, such as fiberglass insulation, some companies have replaced with cotton, in fact, did not save much money. The design and construction process is the cause of many enterprise accidents. With the current degree of specialization, most of the design and construction are outsourcing, and the outsourcing enterprises will try their best to clarify their responsibilities, and objectively improve a lot.

Then there is the problem of operational errors, which is different from the responsibilities that are known to be committed, but it is indeed the most common cause of problems in chemical production, but most of the mistakes will not lead to obvious consequences. This aspect is actually the role of corporate training, and experienced skilled workers are very important.

2. How does the fire occur in a fire?

This is the first thing to say about @?¤??o? and then say the contingency plan for good night . All enterprises involved in the chemical industry have a complete set of emergency plans, because the relevant departments will check. But the operational effectiveness of the plan is very different, and unfortunately depends on the attitude of the company's management. Large enterprises will be much better. There will be many exercises in peacetime, but small companies can generally guarantee that they will be good once a year. The requirements of general chemical plants must be at least met. First-line workers will use fire extinguishers. This is the minimum requirement.

Small fires in the enterprise are actually very common. The outside world doesn't know it, but the scale is very small, and the fire extinguisher can handle it. I personally experienced it almost once a year. Some of them are flashing in the lab, and it feels like a fire in a cooking pot at home. It doesn't matter. But as soon as something goes wrong, the average company will start to check the problem and avoid the hidden dangers. Sadly, this kind of thing is often reported. After all, it is human nature to make small things, which also shows how important it is to institutionalize fire prevention.

In the event of a major fire, depending on the situation. Generally speaking, this kind of thing should immediately notify the safety responsible personnel to conduct on-site command and call the fire station; small enterprises can do well, communication is reliable, and large enterprises have different types of emergency systems. The principle of firefighting is actually one: first protect the person, then protect the object, evacuate the unrelated person who may be hurt, and then judge the worst possible consequences. If the fire is obviously uncontrollable and the tank is next to it, it will only be evacuated and all personnel within a certain range will be evacuated and waiting for fire rescue.

If it is not so desperate, the first is to isolate the source of fire, such as fire doors, and then move away from the surrounding combustibles, or treat the surrounding combustibles into non-combustible, such as watering, to avoid the spread of fire, and then save . Many times, in fact, the fire can't be saved. The general firefighting work is to use water guns to desperately cool down, let the combustibles burn smoothly and avoid explosions. So at this time, the firefighters are really heroic, doing business with the god of death. .
Of course, the actual process is far more complicated than that. The type of burning, the direction of the wind, etc. are all things to consider, and they are not explained one by one.

3. Fire extinguishing and secondary pollution problems

Fire fighting can not only extinguish fire, but also avoid secondary pollution, such as the burning of toxic chemicals. If there is no relevant measures, the result will be extremely fierce.
The company's internal plans generally have very detailed requirements. Especially when doing ISO14000, the certification team will often judge whether it is feasible or not, but frankly, this is a very far written content, such as this PX explosion. The perfect "Environmental Risk Assessment" can not solve the problem, and the secondary pollution will be eliminated in the future for a long time.

4. The place to be modified

It is true that execution is natural, but individuals still feel that they are legal weapons.
At present, the biggest problem in the handling of our security issues is the confusion of law and the unfairness of law enforcement. For example, the problem of smoking in the factory area mentioned above is that it is killing, and it has found a lot of cushions, but the company has no other way, it is a penalty, and then expelled.

Then can our law improve a little, even if it is not penalized, can we establish a credit record and limit this person to a specific industry forever? The business that is out of the door can't be managed, but the hidden danger is still right.
Another example is the blame after the accident. It is even more confusing. The general practice is to control technicians and legal persons. These two roles are of course responsible, and the latter must have a big relationship, which is not false, but within the enterprise. The training, the head of the production department, etc. are all subject to investigation, but in the end it is often a temporary work package.
Therefore, in order to reduce the occurrence of these things, one of the most important ways is to strengthen the role of legal supervision and sanctions, and use the system to prevent hidden dangers, not just relying on management art.
By the way, the success of the current school has seriously disrupted the chemical production environment. Enterprises need to be efficient, but just like driving a car, they can't be killed in order to be fast. I personally saw what militarization concepts are pursued by some companies, eliminating the personality of employees, improving the intensity of work, and so on.

Psychologically oppressed chemical operators can bring great destructive power, and some corporate management does not believe it. But this is not to deny the company's 6 Sigma and other internal control management, 6 Sigma really learned, not only efficient and low risk, but if you are not good, then the East is effective and hurts.

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