Samsung develops new mobile phone casing diamond coating process

Although the outside world has always hoped that Samsung will use a relatively high-end foreign shell material on the flagship mobile phone, unfortunately, it seems that this is not possible. According to a report from the metal parts manufacturer in Taiwan's supply chain, Samsung's newly released mobile phone does not seem to use a metal case, because the phone is scheduled to be released at the end of February 2014, but now the entire industry does not have this phone. Report on mass production of metal casings.

However, another news from South Korea said that it is likely that this is because Samsung did not intend to use a pure metal body. South Korean media revealed that Samsung's R&D department is testing a "diamond-metal surface processing technology." This technology will use a diamond-like material to wrap the metal body of the phone, which will greatly increase the strength of the phone case.

Considering that this technology requires a metal casing to do the underlying, it is estimated that the Galaxy S5 will not use this technology. According to Korean media, the technology is to change the atomic arrangement of carbon in a high temperature and high pressure environment, to create a diamond-like structure, and then to transform the "diamond" into a liquid or powder and then wrap the metal casing. Samsung is looking for ways to use nanotechnology to combine diamond coatings with metal bodies. This layer of diamond coating is theoretically invisible to the naked eye.

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