Roof steel structure system leads the construction of new fashion

In the past, the a€?bird's nesta€? had caused a turmoil in the industry. The crux of the matter was whether the roof of the stadium should be opened. Taking into account the comprehensive reasons such as the large diameter of the a€?Bird's Nesta€?, the construction party finally cancelled the original design of the openable roof. For a time, the openable roof became a good "moon cake" and was thrown into the cold.

In fact, the construction of large-scale sports buildings with openable roofs is becoming more and more necessary and fashionable. Because, the biggest function of the sports building that can open and close the roof reflects the maximum integration between man and nature, and it is not affected by physical reasons, so that sports activities are not affected, and a closed structure is required to maintain high energy consumption in a certain season to maintain a new type of sports activity. Architectural style. As early as 1961, the United States built a Pittsburgh Civic Stadium with a rigid, open structure driven by modern traction, spanning 127 meters. Academician Ma Guoxin, a famous architectural design master in China, called the opening and closing roof sports construction a€?the third generation of sports architecturea€?. At present, there are more than 10 large-scale opening and closing roof structures in the world with an area of a€?a€?more than 10,000 square meters.

Zhejiang Seiko Steel Construction Group successfully applied this technology to the Nantong City Stadium Convention and Exhibition Center in Jiangsu. The stadium was completed in May 2006. It is the first all-weather stadium in China with an openable and closable roof. The use of the stadium and the opening and closing of the roofs are in good condition. After the completion of the project, related technologies have been applied directly to the 2008 Olympics Tennis Court main stadium, the opening and closing of the Olympic Tennis Court, and the Dongmin District National Fitness Center Stadium in Ordos.

Recently, the reporter interviewed the engineer of the Engineering Department of Seiko Steel Group, Mr. Lu Haisong, to understand the issues related to the comprehensive technology research of the openable roof system. On the working principle of the integrated technology of the openable roof system, Lu Haisonga€?s engineer explained: a€?The openable and closed roof system is used to open and close the movable roof through a large multi-point hydraulically-driven winch, and the movable roof is covered by The trolleys mounted on the main arch ribs of the stadium are under the control of the central control computer. The traction trolleys are driven by the hoisting machine to run along the main arch rails to complete the roof to be folded toward the center or to both sides, and during the movement process. Depending on the relative design height of the stadium arches and the deviation of the left and right sides, the front, rear, left, and right positions and heights of the supporting carts are adjusted to ensure the smooth opening of the sliding roofs and the overall structure of the stadium.

It should be said that the openable roof system technology is feasible. It is understood that the opening and closing of roof structures began in the 1950s with a small opening and closing structure; pleated membranes were used to open and close the roof structure from 1950 to 1988; rigid mobile roofs were used as units to open and close the roof structure since 1988. . The opening and closing mode of the opening and closing roof structure is divided into: a horizontal movement mode, a horizontal rotation movement mode, a space movement mode, a pivotal movement mode, a folding movement mode, and a combined movement mode. When asked by reporters in so many ways to open, what are the key reasons for the key technology of comprehensive technology for openable roof systems? Lu Haisong said that the key issues that can be used to open and close roofs are different from other building systems. Whether the mobile roof can be operated safely, steadily and lastingly to ensure the realization of the corresponding building function. Because the openable and closable roof building is the integration of the structural system and the mechanical control system in the construction project, in the international open and closed roof building, there is no lack of handling because of the coordination relationship between the two, resulting in difficult operation and poor durability. Loss of opening and closing function. Therefore, the integrated technology of open and closed roof systems is to handle the coordination and cooperation between the two systems, and to break through the technology from construction, structure, machinery, control, production and installation.

When talking about the difficulties and application value of the key technology of the integrated technology of the openable roof system, Lu Haisong said that the technical difficulties are: the adaptability of the control system and the opening and closing system. Large twin-cylinder multi-drive winch, lateral adjustment and longitudinal adjustment technology for open and close walking support trolleys, precision control of large diameter steel tube bending and control of complex intersecting nodes. The application value of the comprehensive technology of the openable and closable roof system. First of all, the opening and closing of the roof is a new type of building that is easy to maintain the integration of people and nature, improve the efficiency of the use of the building, and avoid the need for high energy consumption to maintain sports activities in a closed season. Architectural style. The function of open and closed roof construction, especially the safe, smooth and long-lasting operation of the opening and closing part, requires the structural-mechanical-control and other subsystems to have a high degree of synergy and overall system reliability while ensuring their own reliability. It is a system that condenses high technological content in the contemporary architecture system. The application of this comprehensive technology has promoted the development and utilization of comprehensive technologies in a variety of fields, such as building-structure-material-mechanics-signaling and control.

In recent years, as the economic strength of the country or region has increased, citizensa€? awareness of sports participation has increased, and the technology for opening and closing roofs has improved. Some large-scale opening and closing structures have produced very good economic and social effects. Its market is getting better. As a strong enterprise in the industry, Seiko Steel Group will further carry out research on the technologies for opening and closing roofs, and make new contributions to the diversification, humanization and modernization of large-scale public buildings.

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