Recycling industry is an effective path for new industrialization

Industry is one of the most important material production sectors in the national economy. Industry determines the speed, scale and level of national economic modernization and plays a leading role in the national economy. Industry also supplies raw materials and fuel for itself and other sectors of the national economy. And power to provide industrial consumer goods for the material and cultural life of the people; it is also the main source of national fiscal revenue. However, while creating huge wealth for the national economy, industry is also the industry that consumes the most resources and brings the most serious environmental pollution. Industry is the leading industry of the national economy, and it is also the most suitable industry to develop a circular economy and the most urgent need to develop a circular economy.
The book "Circular Industrial Theory and Empirical Research" (China Social Science Press), recently written by Yang Jie and Professor Liu Jiashun, captures the problem that such a reality needs to be studied, and directs the research perspective directly to the industry. The pattern and realization path of developing circular economy in various industrial fields. On the basis of extensively drawing on and analyzing the existing theoretical and empirical research on the development of circular economy at home and abroad, the book will transform the industrial economic development mode, improve resource utilization efficiency, and minimize the resource consumption and the smallest possible ecological environment. The realization of the rapid development of the economy as the core objective of the research, the research and exploration of the relevant theory and practice of the recycling industry.
The book begins with an analysis of the formation and development of circular economy, discusses the connotation, operational principles and experience gained of circular economy, and then studies and analyzes the theory of circular economy. Under the guidance of the theory of circular economy, based on the realization of the strategic goal of circular industry, focusing on the actual operation mode of industrial leading industry to develop circular economy, in-depth analysis of the system composition of recycling industry, and exploring the ecology from the enterprise, regional and social levels The construction method of enterprises, eco-industrial parks and social circular economy systems, proposes a comprehensive evaluation index system for recycling industries, evaluates the operational effects of recycling industries with analytic hierarchy process, and controls the mechanism and control of industrial ecosystem stability. The way was explored. At the same time, using the combination of theory and practice, the industrial industry that is most suitable for adopting the circular economy model is selected, including the steel industry, coal industry, power industry, cement industry, equipment manufacturing industry, chemical industry and packaging industry. Each industry is discussed separately about the characteristics of its production and management, its position in the entire national economy, the urgency and necessity of developing a circular economy, the construction model of a circular industrial chain, the implementation path of developing a circular economy, and the establishment of a circular economy. Support system.

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