Real estate continues to be turbulent

The 2011 home market competition opener officially kicked off, no matter whether it is happy or sad in 2010, it is a thing of the past. Many industry insiders predict that 2011 will be the year of reshuffle of Tianjin's home furnishing industry, and market competition will be unprecedentedly fierce. The reporter conducted in-depth discussions with industry leaders on issues such as industry development trends and consumer market forecasts.

The key words of the economy in 2010 are undoubtedly house prices and domestic demand. With these two big issues related to people's livelihood, the market ushered in the test of 2011. In 2011, as the first year of the 12th Five-Year Plan implementation, it became a crucial year. The development of the property market is directly related to the development of the downstream home furnishing industry. In such a turbulent period, how do major enterprises predict the market in 2011? How to meet the new situation and make strategic adjustments?

The housing situation is turbulent

The real estate market is undoubtedly the most concerned part of the Chinese economy in 2010. Since January last year, the macro-control on the real estate market has been increasing. First, the construction of affordable housing. It is reported that Tianjin will start construction of 12 million square meters of affordable housing in 2011, an increase of 85% over the previous year. The overall large-scale entry of affordable housing into the market is likely to be within the next 3 to 5 years.

Secondly, the purchase restriction order continues. In 2011, some cities decided to continue to implement the "purchase restriction order" policy. Industry insiders realize that if this policy cannot be continued in a timely manner, the property market will face greater pressure, and it is likely that house prices will rebound in the next peak season of the property market (March) next year, causing house prices to rise. If house prices continue to rise this year, I believe that more stringent regulatory measures will be introduced, and the number of cities that implement purchase restrictions will continue to increase. Again, whether the property tax is introduced. The "real estate tax" has always been called the last boot of the property market regulation by the industry. After the real estate tax is levied, the increase in the cost of buying a house will indeed have a certain inhibitory effect on market demand, and house prices may fall.

As the downstream industry of the property market, the home furnishing industry will have a certain impact on the home furnishing industry with a little disturbance. In 2011, the state a€?s policy on the property market was still suppressed, which reduced the transaction volume of real estate to a certain extent, which would have a direct impact on its downstream industries. Therefore, it can only be lamented that under the influence of the state a€?s many regulations on the property market, The situation in the home furnishing industry this year is also confusing, and it is unpredictable.

Whether the market is picking up or cold winter

Although the situation of the upstream property market is still difficult to see clearly, it must be admitted that many large stores have entered the Tianjin market this year. Although the market diversification has been active on some levels, it has also brought a lot of competition. Indirectly Dispersing the passenger flow, resulting in a decline in sales of various businesses, can be described as "adding aggravation" to the cold market. Faced with the question of when the market will pick up, corporate bosses are divided on their opinions.

An Wei, General Manager of IKEA Yi Decoration Co., said: "In the first half of 2011, the state still implemented a policy of regulation and control on the property market. The real estate business and the government have always been in a state of game. If a good country controls, it will affect the development of other economic chains, because real estate is, after all, a pillar industry of the country, so I believe that July or August 2011 will be a time when the game results are known, and it will also be a market Time to warm up. "

Faced with this same problem, Wang Qiang, general manager of Yezhifeng Decoration Tianjin, gave different views. "Although many cities experienced a short-term recovery at the end of 2010, this is only a manifestation of rigid demand in the market. It is also a means for real estate developers to promote sales, return funds, and repay bank loans. How good the property market and even the home improvement industry will be. "He feels that the dismal situation in the property market and downstream industries in 2010 may continue in 2011, or worse, it will take a long time for obvious changes to occur. Wait and see.

It seems to reporters that although the negative impact is already deterministic, it is not necessary to be discouraged. On the one hand, the rigid needs of consumers can provide stable guarantees for enterprises; on the other hand, the baptism of the market is also a good opportunity to regulate the market. The remaining enterprises will certainly be able to gain a foothold in the future market and improve to a certain extent. Their respective anti-risk capabilities.

The fiercely competitive business "breaking the line" has a focus

Wu Yang, secretary general of the Tianjin Home Furnishing Circulation Association, once predicted Tianjin a€?s home furnishing market. He pointed out that from Ouyada and Jimei to Tianjin, three stores were opened, while Red Star Macalline had already opened two stores. New stores were opened on the market, and the new store was actually completed. IKEA is also in full swing, and it has attracted many big names in the home distribution industry in such a short time. It has never been in the past. Increased competition has become fiercer.

Facing the increasingly competitive home furnishing market, how to deal with it has become a hot topic in the industry. The reporter found in the interview that although according to the company's own characteristics and strengths, each company has its own focus on the means of attracting audiences and increasing market share, but the same way to "cultivate internal strength, market segmentation" has become the main theme of 2011 enterprises.

Huoxibo, general manager of Top 100 Furniture Tianjin, said that after years of quality control, the top 100 products have not been affected and the products are still in short supply despite the sluggish market. The top 100 will use its expertise to segment the market. Currently, the top 100 has a very rich product range, including the cost-effective Oufuli, the 80 SHOW panel series that shows individuality, and the modern and simple Black Forest. The new Roman solid wood furniture series and the Harry wooden house children's furniture series tailored for children.

Yang Jinliang, general manager of Longfa Decoration Tianjin Co., Ltd., seeks to "break the line" from his own quality. He believes that "attracting customers" is always the company's way of management. Regardless of the consumer's selection criteria, "quality" always comes first in everyone's mind. The second is service and integrity, and the third is price. Therefore, Longfa Decoration has always attached great importance to integrity and engineering quality.

With the development of modern social electronic networks, people selling and selling products through network platforms are recognized by more and more people, and it is more and more convenient. For this reason, Jia Xinyan, general manager of Model Furniture Tianjin Co., Ltd. also believes that the operation of the store is constantly expanding. At the same time, we also need to pay more attention to the construction of network channels, expand our experience channels through the network, network more customers, improve our competitiveness, and keep up with the pace of social development.

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