Rain consequences tree should be supplemented with micro-fertilizer in time

With the arrival of the hot and rainy season, the economic fruit forests have entered a stage of rapid growth. It is often found that after the rain, some peach trees or pear trees in the orchard and even some of the street trees on both sides of the road will have regular new yellow leaf yellowing. This kind of physiological disease is due to the lack of medium and trace elements calcium, magnesium and iron. , caused by boron, zinc, etc. For example, in northern orchards, apple, pear and peach trees often have yellow leaf disease, zinc deficiency lobular disease and boron deficiency rot disease, and apple trees have bitter acne caused by calcium deficiency. In southern orchards, citrus and lychee are often found in recent years due to lack of boron or zinc deficiency, and fruit drop and new shoot yellowing.
After confirming that the crop is lacking trace elements, it is necessary to supplement it by fertilization. The application of micro-fertilizer is different from the application of a large number of elements. The demand for micro-fertilizer is very small, and the concentration range that can be adapted is very narrow. If it is missing, it will be poisoned. It is well known that the supplement of a large number of elemental fertilizers is mainly through the application of NPK fertilizers (generally calculated in kilograms) to supply root nutrients; while the shortage of medium and trace elements in crops is not only the case of particularly serious deficiency, but generally You can use the method of root dressing. The advantage of this foliar fertilization is that it directly supplies the above-ground nutrients, and the utilization speed is fast, so that the effective nutrients of the fertilizer are prevented from being fixed and degraded in the soil. Foliar fertilization has higher nutrient use efficiency than soil fertilization, and can directly and effectively solve trace element deficiency. Its shortcoming is: the fertilizer effect is limited for a short time, it is a kind of auxiliary fertilization. Sometimes, for soils that are seriously deficient in certain trace elements, it is necessary to rely on soil fertilization to have a significant effect.
The mechanism of spraying the trace element fertilizer on the surface of the fruit leaves is better. The fruit tree is tall and has the characteristics of perennial and strong planting. Most of the orchards are distributed on the fertile soil such as beaches and sloping fields. In the management of orchard, the a€?three elements of fertilizera€? of NPK are often supplied through a large amount of soil fertilization, but the trace elements consumed for many years are not returned accordingly. And supplementation; in recent years, the area of a€?a€?orchard has expanded rapidly, and the application of organic fertilizer has not kept up, which has also aggravated the contradiction of insufficient trace elements. Especially the promotion of high-yield tree species and the introduction of exotic tree species, their demand for trace elements is more, which has aggravated the increase in the demand for trace elements and the urgency of fertilization. From the analysis of the nutritional characteristics of fruit trees, the micro-fertilizer applied by the soil is long from the roots of the fruit trees to the leaves, and it is more difficult to transport and redistribute over long distances. In addition, the demand for trace elements in fruit trees is small. If the method of soil application is adopted, the amount of fertilizer applied is small, the application is uneven, the cost is high, and the utilization rate is low. Therefore, foliar spray is an effective method to correct the deficiency of trace elements in fruit trees.
In order to achieve the desired effect of fruit tree spray fertilizer, the following technical essentials are required:
The choice of fertilizers is mainly to supply the missing trace element fertilizers in a targeted manner. Do not choose the so-called "Tenquan" large fluid, which is expensive and non-targeted, and the effect is not good. Therefore, it can be based on simple fertilizer. In view of the complexity of the micro-fertilizer market, when individual farmers purchase micro-fertilizers, they must choose a brand to buy good goods, and second, they must jointly purchase groups.
If the concentration is too low, the effect will be too low. If it is too high, it will cause fertilizer damage. The optimum concentration will vary depending on the target crop, growth period and element type.
The number of sprays of fruit trees is usually sprayed twice to be effective. In case of special problems such as disasters or obvious symptoms, spray 3-5 times.
The front and back sides of the leaves of the spraying part, the stems and the young fruit can be sprayed, but the spraying of the flowers and buds should pay special attention to the concentration. Because the number of stomata on the back of the leaves is more than the front, the absorption will be more.
Spray time should avoid wind, rain and noon time. It is advisable to go before 10 o'clock in the morning and after 4 o'clock in the evening.

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